Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Harvest Time

This late in the Fall, I realize that harvest is mostly over already. But I wanted to share some of the recent harvest time goodness we're enjoying around here- thanks hugely to my awesome Mom! Pears are Stephen's favorite! I serve them with broiled cheese bread for dinner just like my Mom did to us!

Sadly, I am the only one in this household that likes tomatoes... I'm still working on the little boys, though. :) Whenever I have fresh tomatoes around, I love eating tomato sandwiches- toasted homemade wheat bread with nothing but this juicy red fruit in between! Yum!

When I visited my parent's recently, my Mom had several large things of strawberries that we made into freezer jam! We haven't had jam in the freezer or a long time and I was so thrilled to have some again! I just want to hoard it and enjoy it to the last bit! We tried two different kinds- one just mashed up lightly by hand and the other pulsed a bit in the blender to be less chunky- I love this kind and will remember to do it that way next year again!

Thanks, Mom, for sharing all this yummy goodness with us and being my favorite person to create in the kitchen with!

And I sadly don't have a picture of it, but if you need an awesome way to use your zuchinni still, I love this recipe! Try it with cream cheese frosting- yum!


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