Monday, October 10, 2011

Yummy All-Bran Muffins

Been a fair while since I've posted a recipe and when I made these recently, I thought this one would be good to share! I remember my Mom making these for us before school- she was always up early making us something worthwhile!

So I can't say this cereal here is one I would ever buy for the eating of it, but, trust me it really does make for some yummy, healthy muffins! This box cost me $3 and the batter will last for three weeks in the fridge, making three batches of 24 muffins... pretty affordable breakfast! Both the boys really enjoy these even, so they are kid-approved even!

As always, click on the card below, then right click and save to print!
This does call for buttermilk, but... confession? I've never bought buttermilk in my life! The smaller text on the side is a little tip my Mom passed on to add vinegar or lemon juice to normal milk as a substitute!   

These are really yummy with butter and honey!

And just because... I love these recent sweet pics of the boys... :) 


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