Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lucky Life

I'd say these two are pretty lucky, eh? :)
The other night, I was asking Cooper
what was something he was grateful for from that day and he responded,
"Mom being home with us."
I wouldn't have thought he even thought twice of my being around anymore.
Guess I'm the lucky one... :)

And as a side note...
THIS popcorn recipe from Our Best Bites is fab if you need a new treat to try!
Took this in cupcake liners to a family party recently and it was a hit! :)


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  2. They are definitely a lucky bunch and you ARE a lucky mom! :) Thanks for sharing about the popcorn. We love popcorn in this household, so I cannot wait to try out this recipe.

  3. I'm dying at the picture of Cooper picking his nose! So funny. Yes...they are lucky!


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