Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day Highlights

So Cooper has been waiting for more than four months (a seriously long time for a four year old) to get a pet leopard gecko from Santa. It probably goes without saying then that it was the star of the show on Christmas morning! Even Ryder could hardly pull himself away from checking out the lizard to play with his new play kitchen :)

The part of Christmas morning I was most excited for was actually the boys opening these capes! This is my midnight oil and it was well worth it- they have had tons of fun with them! My absolute favorite things to make are the ones that are for them!

All dressed up with their shabby Christmas ties!
Didn't fight the shirts being tucked in Christmas morning...

Later we headed to Pocatello to see Stephen's family (after holding the leopard gecko, of course). Again, my lack-of-flash skills are still being honed, but I love this pic Stephen with his Grandparents-  they are always present in their kids and grandkids functions and for sure they have a soft spot for their first grandchild :) And what a great, rare moment of Grandpa Bruce being silly with the boys!

Really our Christmas was so blessed-
it seems like always, no matter what trials or struggles we face,
I still look around us and see abundance.
Abundant smiles, abundant laughs, abundant stories told,
abundant yummy foods that are special for this time of year,
and just so much more...
We are Abundantly Blessed :)



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