Sunday, December 4, 2011

What You Make It

I love the First Presidency Christmas Devotional that's always the first Sunday of December. I remember my first year in college, sitting in the Snow Building and the congregation singing a song with the choir on the screen. It was probably Silent Night, but I don't really remember. I just remember that it felt like everyone in the huge room was singing with their whole heart and the spirit was so strong! 

I've loved the First Presidency Christmas Devotional ever since and watched it online last night with the boys sort of paying attention on occasion beside me. :)
This little snippet from President Monson, really struck me...

Here's the thing, I LOVE Christmastime. But I confess that it's been several years now that I've been somewhat disappointed by Christmastime too. My hopes and intentions are forever bigger than my abilities and that fact is only made clearer when it comes to Christmas goings on! So I liked this quote- indeed, it's my choices, my ability to let things go and keep them simple, that will make me feel only positive about Christmastime again. Click on the image then right click and save to have an 8x10 printable! I thought maybe this one could go more casually in the kitchen or the table by the wrapping paper or something :)

And speaking of President Monson, isn't this a neat picture!
You can get a download of it, larger and in color if you prefer, at The Rachel Berry Blog.  




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