Monday, January 9, 2012

Secret Ingredient Wheat Bread

I've had the thought to post this recipe for quite awhile now and since I haven't done too much creative since Christmas to share otherwise, I thought I'd post it now!

The first time I ever used whole wheat flour in my homemade bread, I merely substituted it for white flour and didn't change anything else. Well, it turned out about like cardboard! At the time, I had no idea that wheat flour requires a softener, or gluten. You can buy gluten in the bulk bins at WinCo, but I thought if there was another way, I'd prefer it, what with all the negative you hear about gluten. One of my favorite people from our old ward, Vicki Meyer, told me you can add potato water or vinegar and those do both work.

But, there is something better that works even better in my opinion: YOGURT! Later Vicki told me to try yogurt and even my husband likes my wheat bread now that I have a secret ingredient! Just a cup or so of either plain or vanilla yogurt added at the beginning of my bread recipe with the water and flour makes it very soft and yummy!

This recipe is actually pretty dear to my heart since it's my Mom's and it's been made my own through lots of practice! I'd also guess that you could add the yogurt to your own recipe and it'd work fine too! I've noticed with my gas oven, it doesn't take the full cook time either, so if you have gas also, you might watch it close toward the end! You can click this card below, then right click and save to print! Enjoy! I know making homemade bread is something that makes me feel good- hopefully it does you too!



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