Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Capsule 11.0

I recently saw a birthday list a Mom made for her child,
seven things about him as he turned seven.
I thought this same idea would be fun to do
for Coop and Ry as a new year begins,
like a time capsule post of sorts.
So, here's eleven special things (as 2011 ends)
about them as of now:


1) I don't know that most four year olds could tell you what words like nocturnal, irritated, possibility, amphibian, situation, or impressive mean, but Cooper can. His vocabulary is amazing and moreso all the time!

2) He enjoys dressing himself... most of the time. Sometimes he just says he wants me to pick and get him dressed... I'm kinda glad :) Whenever he wants to do something on his own he says, "I can do this my own self." :)

3) He literally could blow through an entire ream of copy paper in a week, maybe ten days. He's a drawing fool :)

4) He loves building forts, especially when his little brother is napping so there's less risk of it being wrecked. :/ 

5) Cooper is an animal nut! He really does just love animals, all kinds. He begs me to looks up animal pictures on google for him to scroll through! It was kind of a blessing when his new leopard gecko bit him because at least now he doesn't want to hold it all day long. And, yes, we washed and purified it thoroughly.

6) Fav shows and movies= most any cartoon he hasn't already seen. He'll choose drawing or playing over TV for sure.

7) He's accumulated a little treasure stash and likes moving it from container to container and rearranging it in each. it includes several shiny pieces of plastic, a silver spur keychain he found in the dirt, two dollar bills (aka "green money"), a rubber glove Stephen gave him from work... well... here:

8) He sends mail just about everyday. I'm just waiting for our mail lady to leave a note reminding us that letters actually require stamps and a clear address in order to be delivered :) 

9) I'm grateful to be able to say that Cooper still trusts me mostly unconditionally, at least when he's in a good mood. Recently he was having a hard time wanting to stay in Sunbeams and I softly told him that maybe he could find a kid with an empty seat beside him and sit down and talk to the kid about if he was excited for Christmas too. (Ya, I'm one of those naive, idealistic type Moms.) Anyhow, from the doorway I watched and heard him do exactly that. He didn't question or respond with, "Well, that's kinda dumb, Mom." He just did it bravely and often does give my suggestions a try.

10) He loves preschool and is already so excited for kindergarten. I remember swearing I'd homeschool when he was a newborn, but I'm not willing to be the destroyer of his dreams now that the time is here.

11) Cooper has a good heart and is so full of life. I have to remind him that "The trick to carrying on is not to get carried away," but he means well nonetheless!


1) Ryder loves his toys and is good at playing with them to entertain himself. He puts whatever he plays with last to bed at night on our kitchen windowsill. His favorites are "guys," like action figures or transformers. He also loves hot wheels cars.

2) He says "Dank Oo!" excitedly when you give him something or help him.

3) He thinks peek-a-boo is pretty dang cool and laughs so sincerely at the "reveal"! It's the kind of laugh that make peek-a-book pretty dang cool for the adult playing along too :) 

4) He absolutely hates getting his hair cut. Current style might just be a case-in-point. Recently Grandma might have accused him of having taken the scissors to it himself! 

5) Glubs= gloves, pooper= Cooper (sad but true), c'mon= come on, as he grabs my hand and pulls me toward what he wants

6) He's getting fairly good at recognizing colors. He can say them all, but usually calls everything "geen" before being re-directed to what it actually is.

7) Ryder is a dance king! From when was old enough to move it seems, he hears music and starts dancing! The thing is, he doesn't just stand in one place and bop up and down. No, he really has rhythm! He gets his hips and shoulders and the whole works into it! Same goes for wrestling actually- he can spin around and move to where he's not just pouncing when he's wrestling with Stephen or the boys- coordinated he is, our littlest man!

8)There's a possibility he hasn't withered away yet thanks to peanut butter. Depends on the day. 

9) He literally follows Cooper like a shadow. He repeats most any word he says, or at least the last few words of his sentences. Whatever Coop is playing, he wants to join in. He chases Coop and lets Coop chase him around the house almost all day long.

10) Fav words= "me too, me too!" Makes me kinda sad to think that trying to be included is the story of his life. Guess that's how it goes being the baby, but he sure does want to be in on things just like other kids.

11) He is such a cuddly, sweet personality- he still has his chubby soft baby cheeks and I love kissing on them! He feels so bad when he thinks he's hurt someone or done something wrong and says "orry" so quickly. I hold him and just want to cry for him not to get any bigger.

I sure love you, my boys!



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