Saturday, January 14, 2012

What our Little Boys are Made of

Not so much snips and snails and puppy dog tails around here...
more like blanket forts and boxes and boxes turned into forts :)

I recently came across this fort from one of my favorite blogs, All for the Boys. I loved how she used fitted sheets for fort making! Why have I not thought of it before! I also liked the idea of using the broom handle  to create a taller roof. At any rate, our forts have been much cooler ever since! The boys also love the addition of twinkle lights, but that doesn't happen every time! :)

We also use pretty much any piece of furniture in the house, including the kitchen table to drape blankets and make a hideout!

Once the fort is built, the boys call out for a "special delivery, please!" To which I find some kind of portable snack or activity and "knock, knock, knock" for them to come and get!

The new set of pots and pans we got from my parents for Christmas came protected with cool pieces of cardboard and a box big enough to fit them both! We quickly turned it into a fort too :)

Blanket forts. big cardboard boxes
and the occasional Netflix break with graham crackers...
that's what our little boys are made of! :)



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