Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bittersweet Sagebrush

There is one thing in Idaho that is flat unavoidable.

You can get around the lava flows, the awesome mountains, the winding rivers. But no matter where you go, as far as I know at least, you can't escape the sagebrush. The Big Desert determines what is where and how you're gonna get there. 

It's a curse in some ways. The curse of an hour's drive to get home again, of that and more to get about anywhere. But you could also call it a gift. The blessing of open space and the best. smell. ever.

The boys and I ventured out with Stephen to fly in the middle of all this beautiful sage this last week. I remember back when we were dating, we were driving down the road and as I looked out the window, I said, "Ya know, I actually love sagebrush." I'm pretty sure that comment sealed the deal ;) Big open sagebrush like this is home to my addicted husband.

The boys sat on the hood of the truck and ate Fun Dip while Stephen gathered up the bird... after a pretty amazing flight, I might add. For the first time ever, I saw sage grouse fly up out of the sage right in front of us! It caught my breath for sure!

Indeed, I do love the sagebrush. I love the mountains too, admittedly even more than the broad desert. But when I have the chance to be in huge open, sagebrush filled space like this, I feel blessed and grateful, small and touched. Never will I gain rejuvenation like this inside a shopping mall or as part of an excited crowd- that's just not me. And driving through the endless sagebrush, wishing we could just beam ourselves to where we're going instead, surely isn't either...
but the times when it can actually be enjoyed are at least closer.

And in other, boy/country type news- check out how the puppies are growing and getting loved on:

Coop and Ry get excited over the moon when Dad brings them in a couple of puppies to play with!

Stephen is forever getting compliments about the pair of English Pointers he has now, especially these guys' Dad (I know that's not what they're called in animal terms, but I don't really speak animal lingo, so oh well!). There are seven puppies and only two of them are still up for grabs!

And I just love this sweet pic of my sweet Cooper! He's sporting the little habitat he made for his leopard gecko- he's forever making "homes" for stuff and things!

Love, love, love these little boys- puppy smell, lizards, stained mouths and all!



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