Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ruffly Patriotic Wreath Tutorial

If you are here from Pinterest, I'm so glad to have you here at Capital B!
 This little blog is what it is, to some degree, thanks to this stunning little wreath...

It's easy to see why, eh? There is something about it that really is just stunning!

When my friend and I made these wreaths originally, we were just wanting to spend the afternoon making something cute.  Never would've guessed then that I'd do a tutorial and get to see lots of these made from it- I love that! Hopefully it will prove helpful for you too :) If you like the wreath and use the tutorial, I'd love for you to follow Capital B on Facebook or Twitter through my social media buttons in the sidebar too- thanks!

If you might be more interested in purchasing one instead, please email me through the button in my sidebar. I may possibly have them listed in my etsy shop also...

Ok, lets make it already! 

That crumpled baggie there is what is left of the exact wreath that I made originally... truth be told, it got split to pieces just a few days after I hung it on the door!

I love taking pictures of stacks of things- just makes me smile for some silly reason. :) Ok, so take your sheets of felt- I got mine and all of the supplies for this project at Michaels- and cut them into squares about 2"x2". I did not spend any time at all making sure they were perfect- I just eyeballed it. It is important to make sure all the squares are roughly the same size, but not exact for sure. Also, these stacks above are roughly half of what you'll actually need!

Regarding "nevermind the skewers"- when my friend and I first made these, we used hard, white styrofoam wreath forms that were flat on the back and skewers to punch each felt square inside it. We really were just wingin' it and it seemed to be working! But, all those big holes we made- like this one above- no doubt contributed to the reason my wreath simply did not hold up to any kind of test! The wreath had been so weakened by those huge holes! So that's why I'd say a rounded, softer wreath is better!

Instead, I got a box of straight pins and wow! Putting it together was easier and faster for sure! And I am not one bit worried about it holding up this time. Also, the pins never came close to poking through the other side. I did want to make sure the look would be the same, so as I was getting started, I made sure to keep looking at the pics of my old wreath... I really felt like the look was identical!

Work with just one square at a time, folding corner to corner in half and then half again. Again, no science here. I noticed that not matching the corners exactly worked fine too- there will be a fair amount of adjusting as you go anyways. Pin the piece (which now looks more like a triangle) straight in at the folded tip.

I started the very first few pins putting the points together and then opening them up to look more like a bloom (above). I didn't pin my pieces all the way around the wreath- the back is still empty. If you wanted, you could cover it all, though you'd need even more felt and whatever it was hung against would squish the look of it anyway. :) Just make sure you go around far enough that you won't see the green from side to side.

As you get more pieces pinned, you're no longer putting them point to point, more like row upon row. Kind of hold the pinned pieces back and tuck new piece in close, like below:

You do want to make sure the pieces are close together, though not too close- the tighter you pin them in, the more "squished" of a look you'll have- a titch of space in between the pieces give you more room to make it look fuller in the end.

And you'll just keep going, folding and pinning, folding and pinning! Think like two movies or maybe three worth of folding and pinning... Needless to say, I did NOT make this thing in one sitting! In fact, I took the makings with me on a trip with my husband and worked on it in our hotel to begin with so I didn't have the distraction of the boys!

As you go, you'll want to watch that the outer part of each section of color is a bit wider than the inner part- like this pic above. Just pin a few more pieces on the outer edge than the middle. Again,  this wasn't measured out, just eyeballed. Also look to try and keep the white sections about the same width as the red- so you don't have thin little pieces of one or the other, but a look more like our actual flag. :)

See what I mean about "just keep going!" As you go, you'll kinda pull and adjust on the corners to get the look you want and make sure your pins and spaces are covered, like below:

Notice above about how much space I left for the blue- could've been less if you prefer as well. I like the look of both the sections bordering the blue being white too. I did work from both sides of my red and white sections as I went along- not in just a big row sort of thing, if that makes sense. I wouldn't say this matters, but it may help you keep things uniform looking too. :) Carry on folding and pinning your blue pieces once you have about the right amount of space left! And when it's all filled- woo hoo! It's pretty, eh? ;) On to the springy stars:

I did cut the stars out with my Cricut, though it's certainly not a necessary tool for this- you could freehand them with pencil and cut, or use a star punch. Mine were 1 1/2" each. I cut 14 stars out of full sheet label paper, though plain cardstock and a glue stick would be just as fine.
With all your stars cut or punched, cut yourself seven pieces of craft wire (or whatever the number of stars you want on the wreath) about 10" long or so. There were only five stars on my original wreath, but I think they're pretty fun, so I wanted a few more on this one!

Curl your wire around the crayon or pencil or whatever you are using- like in the left corner above. I used a bigger crayon, but it's all the same really. Once you pull off the curly wire, straighten it a bit again in the mid section. Then stick or glue your stars back to back on that straight part! See why I used label paper? No need for the glue made it a bit quicker, but again, anything goes. A dab of hot glue would be swell also. :)

Now adjust your curly star so it looks like you want- there really is quite a lot of adjusting and twisting the curly stars as you go, at least there was for me- making sure they bend the direction you want and all. I also liked my curl being a bit smaller at the end- just lightly grab that last bit of curl and twist by hand. :) Then straighten the opposite end a bit again- you'll stick it into the foam just like you have been the pins! It's quite a lot more flimsy, so hold it close to the base, maybe kinda move it a bit as you go. I also had to kinda push back the felt to find a place for each star.

Woo hoo- we're so close! And aren't they so cute?! I used four stars around the outer part of the wreath and then the other three just underneath and in-between those four. Again, adjust and re-curl the wires lightly to make sure they are going the way you want and compliment each other. :)

Last thing, grab whatever ribbon you desire for a hanger- I wanted mine to blend in with the door rather than stand out, so it's small and white- and trim about a 12" piece or so. Put the ends of your ribbon on top of each other to form a loop. I thought I'd be able to just use a couple of pins to hold the ribbon on the back, but they were too small at the head and the ribbon tore through. So, I punched out two straight staples from my stapler and pushed them in crisscross of each other at the ends like above instead- it held just fine for me while I was hanging and adjusting!

And there you have it!
My four year old said it "Looks like the pledge of allegiance!"
which he apparently says in preschool- bless his teacher!

Indeed, I was tempted to leave it on my door and just pretend it was summer... but then I realized I was standing in an inch of snow from the night before and wearing my awesome purple snow boots. :) So it is now listed in my previously empty etsy shop, for better or worse!

I will say, I think this is one of my favorite crafty accomplishments ever- both the original and this one. It just looks pretty and catchy. :) It takes time, but it's simple. It has feeling and movement to it. God Bless America!

I hope anyone wanting a tutorial from Pinterest (or wherever else)
finds this and finds it helpful! 
Thanks for looking!



  1. Totally awesome Sky!! I love the wreath and it is no wonder your views went up.

  2. These were so much fun to make!! So making another one this year!! It won't be as fun to do it without you though! Miss ya!

  3. Thank you Sky, this is wonderful. I can't wait to make this.

  4. It is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your great instructions.

  5. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! The wreath is gorgeous and I'm one of the ones who re-pinned it on Pinterest! Congratulations on your success, and may many more blessings follow....Penny

  6. Sky - Thank you for the great tutorial. This wreath will look perfect with my bunting this summer. Your blog is lovely and I am enjoying it very much. Your life with boys is so different than my life with girls. We have one boy and seven girls so there is tons of glitter and makeup these days with three girls left at home. I am having a giveaway so I hope you will pop by. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  7. Sky, thank you for the amazing idea! I made this wreath and donated it to a charity auction, it was so popular I have been asked to make some more, not sure if that is ok with you? Thanks, Tracy

  8. LOVE!!! Sooo totally going on my front door this summer. Maybe on my mom's door.. and my mother in law's door.. and my sister's door to her new house... Guess I'd better get busy!

  9. I plan to get the supplies and make one of your flag wreaths soon. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I'm intend to use my flag wreath year-round (I'll bring it in when it's yucky outside though). Also, I will probably laminate my stars. Didn't read every word of your tut yet so maybe you did that too. By the end I'll have read your tutorial many, many times I'm sure so that mine will look close to yours. Love, love, love it!!!

  10. You are absolutely wonderful for revisiting this project for a tutorial for all of us. I am so excited to give this a try, thanks again for your hard work!

  11. You are AWESOME! Thanks for the tutorial. A friend showed me this when she found it on Pinterest and new it was right up my ally. :) You now have another new follower. Hugs!

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  13. I am so excited to make this wreath! My husband is about to head home from his year long deployment and I'm excited to deck out our house with the Americana theme and this is going to add the perfect touch! Once my banana bread is out of the stove I'm heading to the store! Thanks again! and God Bless :)

  14. Excellent tutorial and a beautiful wreath))) I would love to share the image on my blog with a link back to your tutorial and I'll also include a link to your Etsy shop))))

    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Excellent tutorial and a beautiful wreath))) I would love to share the image on my blog with a link back to your tutorial and I'll also include a link to your Etsy shop))))

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thanks Sky. I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago, and needed a project I can do from the couch. This looks perfect! Got my supplies today. Had to carry the foam wreaths around my neck at Michael's so I could walk with my crutches!

  17. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm making this as we speak! Do the straight pins seem to be holding up pretty well for you over time? I'm doing mine with foam safe hot glue in the hope that it will stay well put together over time and through storage. It's definitely turning out to be a lot more time consuming, so hopefully it's worth it!! :)

  18. Kelly- I've found that the straight pins are super sturdy for me so far :) I've actually taken a completed wreath and shaken it to test and it didn't even flinch! If it were stored flat during the time it wasn't being displayed, I have no doubt it would need nothing more than to be "re-zested" a bit when taken from storage. Hope the hot glue works out as well! I'd love to hear how it turns out! :)

  19. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sky- the hot glue seems to have worked :) It probably took at least twice as long as pinning would have, so I think I will try that on my next one! It looks great though, thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see what I can come up with for other holidays using this idea!

  21. The form in this tutorial is 12". I am in the process of building a custom order out of a 16" form using larger squares of felt, so that is an option to if you'd prefer something bigger. :)

  22. I coming over from a link on Tip Junkie.

  23. Thank you for putting together this super detailed tut! I am so visual so I always appreciate the pictures as you go along! When my sister pinned this for me I thought "yeah right" but you made it sound so easy (if not a little tedious) that I just might try it! Thanks again!

  24. Thank you for showing us how to make this cute wreath! I also pinned it on my wreath board on Pinterest.

  25. I am totally making this TO-day!! Love it! :)

  26. Maybe if I start now, I can manage to get it up by July 4. Would love to have it ready by Memorial day, but I don't think that's going to happen. Great tutorial. Beautiful wreath!!

  27. Great tutorial... Beautiful wreath!! Would love to have it for Memorial Day but will probably be more like July 4th! :). Going to get my supplies today! Thanks so much!

  28. Apparently I was one of the nearly 4,000 pinterest followers who pinned this to my board! I pinned it months ago and was so excited about the awesome tutorial you put together. I finished my wreath today and just adore it! Thanks! (I know Pinterest never gives credit where it is due, so I wanted to make sure to "personally" thank you!!!)

    1. Thank You, Bri, for such a lovely comment! So glad you were able to make your own and hope you have an awesome summer! :)

  29. Hello,
    I am a Social Media Specialist with Michaels Stores and we saw your great blog post with the Felt Flag Wreath Tutorial. We’d love to have your permission to pin it to our Pinterest boards. We always pin responsibly, linking and crediting the original source. Please email me at submitit @ to allow us to pin.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  30. Thank so very much for updating the instructions on this Beautiful Wreath! Found it via Pinterest - and added to my 4th of July Board. Being a Military Family (son in Navy -16 yrs) we love to have a Patriotic Corner set up in the living room, and this will go so nicely, I might try to make it a bit smaller tho, and use the hot glue and add in some dabs of Navy themed fabric - Your wreath is just stunning! Love it! Thanks again!

  31. Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial for us all! I can't wait to make this and put it up soon - now that summer is almost here!

  32. Really cute! I MUST try this. I have made a red, white, and blue ribbon wreath before, but never tried one like this. It kind of has the look of the "burlap" wreaths I have seen. I really like it. What size wreath form did you use? Just a medium size? Or was it a small one? And thanks for posting the tutorial! :-)

    1. I used a 12" wreath form for this one in the tutorial, makes it about 14" across when done. I have done some on a 16" wreath form using larger felt squares- was about 20" when done- I really liked how it turned out too! Good luck in making yours! It will turn out great I'm sure! :)

  33. I am so excited to make this wreath. I have all the supplies but the foam wreath. Where did you find the wreath form at? I have looked at several craft stores and online.

    1. I bought all the supplies for this one at Michaels. I've also bought wreath forms at JoAnn's. I have a smaller local craft store that has special ordered them for me before too. Good luck in finding some and in making your wreath! :)

  34. I foresee one of these wreaths hanging at my front door in a month (July 4th!). Thanks for the idea.

  35. do you happen to know what it the difference between the green foam wreaths and the white found this threw pinterest and we are making it for a pinterest night that we try to do monthly and this month it is your wreath, so i was just wondering if there is a differnce?

    1. Some of the white foam that you see in craft stores is kinda "crispy" like. It kinda flakes off if you brush your hands on it. I have found, and used for the wreaths I've sold, some white foam wreath forms that were softer just like the green. So long as the form you are using has the more soft, smooth feel to it, rather than the flaky, crispy type, you should be good to go with either color! The crispy white foam is just more prone to break apart as it gets stressed with all the pins and weight you'll add to it, so that's why the smoother type is better :) Hope that helps and Good luck- what a fun idea to have a Pinterest night!

  36. Hi Sky! I lovedddd your tutorial and made my own as you can see here!

    Thank you so much for the great tutorial, and just wanted to let you know you are featured on my blog!

  37. I just wanted to say I made mine with a straw wreath because it was so much cheaper than a foam wreath (my dollar store did not have any foam ones). I just left it wrapped in plastic so it didn't make a mess. It worked out great! I also found awesome glitter star stickers in different sizes at Micheals that were super cute on the wreath as well. I think they were in the aisle with the felt.

  38. You are such a smart lady. I wish I had thought of this.

  39. This is beautiful! I'm hoping to make it not only for the Patriotic holidays like the 4th of July but also to celebrate my daughter's birthday which is on the 4th of July and to celebrate her receiving the Stars and Stripes Award in American Heritage Girls which is equal to the Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. Thank you so much for sharing such a great idea!

  40. Wow!!! I am a July 4th nut!! and this is perfect! I am going to go to Joann's today and get the supplies. I have had a foam wreath for a long time and now have the perfect pattern. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  41. Thank you! Making one this weekend!

  42. This is my weekend project. It will be my July wreath!

  43. It's in season now!! Thanks so much for the tutorial back in Feb!! It's adorable!!

  44. Found you on Pintrest and since it's June 15th, I'll need to hurry to get one done. Thanks SO MUCH for the tutorial!! I love this

  45. Hi! It has been brought to my attention that the blog Honestly, Dyea copied one of my posts word for word and with all the pictures. There is a vague reference to my blog, but it sounds like she is presenting it as her own. I saw your tutorial on her blog as well and wanted to let you know. It's such a cute idea, and I don't think she is being very ethical. Anyway, just a heads up!

  46. You did a fabulous Americana...:)

  47. You did a fabulous Americana...:)

  48. Hello! Just wanted to say that I loved your tutorial on this wreath and couldn't wait to make it...SERIOUSLY...I went right out to buy the supplies at my local Joann's!! I know you mentioned it took a couple of sit downs to finish the wreath but I was SOOOOO EXCITED to see the finished product I finished it two and a half movies later! WAHOO! I love the way it looks hanging in my living room that now I'm running out to get more supplies to make a second wreath to go outdoors!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

    1. Tanya, this comment makes my day- thank you so much! It was kind of you to share your excitement and I'm so glad you are happy with your wreaths! Hope you have an awesome week :)

  49. I just stumbled upon you blog/website and I've fallen in love! You are crafty lady! I have been wanting to make 4th of July wreaths for my visiting teaching ladies and I needed some ideas. This would be so fun! I may try it with balloons first though and see how that goes! I hope it's okay to borrow your idea and try other things with it!
    You have inspired me to get my craft on tonight! Thank you for not hiding you talent, but rather share it with everyone!

  50. I found this post via Pinterest as well, and I fell in love with it! I bought all my felt today and got it finished, other than the stars, and already have it hanging on my front door. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for your creativity and the awesome tutorial!!

  51. I am sooooo excited to make this wreath! Thank you so much for posting the tutorial! I've been reading through your comments and I think I'm going to start a pinterest night with my crafty friends too AND we'll start with this wreath!

    This looks so easy and FUN! I'm heading to Micheal's tomorrow to get all the supplies!
    Thanks again!

  52. I too found you on Pinterest. You did an awesome job with this tutorial.Nice and easy! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  53. This is on my to-do list for my beasties birthday gift this year. She loves the fourth. Birthday is on 7/2. Thanks for the detailed tutorial

  54. I'm one of the many who followed a Pin to your wonderful wreath tutorial. I'm also sharing it at my 4th of July favorites today with a link back. It's great!

  55. I love your wreath! I made one to and posted it on my blog.

  56. I Love this wreath, I am such a sucker for them! This is my favorite, by far!! This is so on my DIY bucket list :] Do you mind if I link your picture and site on my blog as inspiration? Too cute!

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  58. Just finished this wreath and I love it! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I started cutting the felt with scissors and then remembered that I had a rotary cutter that I had not used it a long time. Boy, did that make cutting the squares faster. After that, everything went together so easy. Also enjoyed my movie time. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  59. I just wanted to tell you how unbelievably excited I was to find this. I kept seeing the pin on Pinterest and have really wanted to make this for a while now. I will be starting it tonight to hopefully have it finished by the 4th! Thank you again :-D

  60. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial! I cannot wait to make this wreath as a gift to my parents- my mom adores wreaths, but hers are definitely out of date! This is such a cute craft, thanks for sharing your creativity!! :)

  61. Finished mine just in time! Thank you for the tutorial; it took me a couple of hours, but was so easy! :)

  62. Absolutely brilliant. I'm going to have to give it a try!

  63. It's great! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with all of us. Happy 4th !

  64. Oh my goodness well this is great loved your tute and the wreath is wonderful thank you so very much for doing this. Pinterest is certainly helping to spread the wonderful ideas and accomplishments...

  65. I was wondering what size felt squares you used so I can make sure I buy enough. I will be making this wreath for July 4 2013, but am thinkiing of taking technique and doin black, orange and purple for Halloween and red and green or Christmas. Thanks for sharing it loos like great fun.

  66. thank you so much for your tutorial, I'm in a wreath frenzy and this is just too pretty to pass up. Gotta love our country, and you expressed it so beautifully. Off to buy my supplies and get to work, again thank you!

  67. thank you so much for your tutorial, I'm in a wreath frenzy and this is just too pretty to pass up. Gotta love our country, and you expressed it so beautifully. Off to buy my supplies and get to work, again thank you!

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  69. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! It is a really awesome idea! I made one for my mother here is the link:

  70. Is this a 12" wreath form or larger? I'm planning on making this over the weekend - bought everything today - but could only find a 12" form and yours appears to be larger?

    Thanks in advance for your response to this question :)

    Jessica @

  71. I picked this wreath out of many off google after searching for 4th of July wreaths, then I got to your site and was like, I know her! I grew up and used to live in Idaho, but have been away from many years. Where do I know you from? -Deidra

  72. Yep, got here from Pinterest! This is awesome! We used to do something like this when I was a kid but I think we used tissue paper. This is much more colorful and gorgeous!

  73. Thanks for sharing. I am giddy I found your post. I just saw someone trying to sell one on a facebook page, but I am all about doing it myself. Can't wait to make it.

  74. Asking for permission to put your picture of the patriotic felt wreath on a post of featured crafts that I love! You picture would be watermarked and I would link back to your post. Please let me know ASAP

  75. LOVE this fun wreath! And your tutorial is fantastic to boot. I'm sharing this in today's 5 for Friday on my blog for patriotic wreaths, including one pic and a link back to this post : )

  76. Love this wreath! What an AWESOME post!

    I would love for you to share and link up at my weekly TGIF Link Party if you haven't already this week. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! The party is open every Thursday night and closes Wednesday's at midnight. Followed by (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday! I would be honored if you join us! Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs, Cathy

  77. How big is the foam wreath used here? I love the wreath!

  78. This is great! I am I love the wreath. My daughter in law takes an old uniform camo's and cuts them up and makes them for soldiers. She decorates them with Military thing that they do in their "MO". I was asking her how to do it, she in 1000 miles away. So happy to have this tutorial. Thanks you alot!

  79. Not only is your wreath gorgeous, but you're tutorial is fantastic! Thank you foot working so hard to make it so very detailed with all the pictures too!

  80. Absolutely lovely ! Can't wait to get started on this!

  81. I've never been "crafty" so was looking for something "easy" to try and I can't wait to try this, thank you for sharing and the step-by-step tutorial as that is what I definitely need a "step-by-step" lol. Out of curiosity if one was to order one from you, how much are you charging? In case I need to order instead, as everytime I try to get crafty I end up with stitches. Love it

  82. Hi there! I just featured your tutorial on my 4th of July home decor round up post :) So thankful for creative people like you!

  83. I saw this on Pinterest ok I am in the UK but I am a 4th July birthday girl, And I love your wreath, thanks for showing how you made it.
    It's brilliant

  84. I just love this project! I have shared 2 of your wreath designs on my blog. ttp:// With the proper links back to yours. I do hope that is ok? If it is not please let me know I will remove them. Love your blog, you do beautiful work.

  85. Is this wreath available for purchase? I'm not sure how to find you on Etsy. Help, I need this! :)

  86. my daughter deployed a couple days ago. I am making this wrath this weekend and adding a yellow ribbon.
    thank you for making such an easy to follow tutorial

  87. Love this! Shared your link on our blog.

  88. I have made 4 of these wreaths in various sizes (2 for my double door, 2 as gifts). I used a low temperature glue gun to adhere the felt. Thank you for the great tutorial! You have made our 4th of July celebration even more festive.

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