Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow Fun in a Hurry

So, it did actually snow last week- woo hoo!
The boys have been wanting to build a snowman forever, so out we went :)

Clearly a bit too late, however, eh?!
The snow did not want to stick together much at all,
so our pitiful mound of snow that the boys worked so hard to pile up
got the snowman gear slapped on it!
I personally really dig the sunglasses :)
The very next day it snowed again, fairly enthusiastically actually,
so we tried again and made one that was as tall as Coop,
which of course I got no pictures of!

Hot chocolate afterwards :)

And then that afternoon we tried cookie painting- a fun idea I saw HERE
and thought they would get a kick of out...
they did for about five minutes, maybe two cookies worth,
and then they were off again- so it goes!
Faster alternative than frosting, though :)



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