Monday, March 5, 2012

Broth and Stuff

Awhile back, I saw THIS post about making chicken broth at Momnivore's Dilemma.
For some reason, her posts about real food are intriguing to me-
I already cook from scratch, but if I can just change my process a little to have
the foods I serve be even healthier, then super!
And Nicolette is down-to-earth about how to cook "old school."
Anyhow, I decided I would try it out and make my own broth!

I actually made turkey broth, since I cooked a turkey one Sunday and had a turkey carcass to work with. Above is what I started out with- onions, celery, carrots, a few cloves of garlic, all chopped coarsely and tossed in with my turkey carcass and a gallon of water...

I cooked it on medium for half an hour or so and then turned it to low. I started not too long before I went to bed and this (above) is what it looked like when I woke up in the morning! It sat there all day, cooking for a total of just barely under 24 hours. I read some other recipes that said to cook only four to six hours , but I trust Nicolette that 24 hours is better and it was no skin off my nose to just let it cook. It looked like this after I had strained all the liquid off:

And here's my broth! I wish I would've had a smaller, wire strainer to make it even cleaner, but oh well. This tasted like pure comfort! So much more flavor that store bought. And more than anything, I just liked how I felt knowing that I had made my own broth! Two nights later, I made homemade egg noodles and used it for turkey noodle soup- yum! All I know, is I will never toss a carcass again!

And as for other stuff... we recently had my sisters and their families over for dinner and games. The boys love playing with their cousins! They put on a fashion show (wherein, I realized how sad my selection of dress up gear is :/) and packed onto the bed to watch a movie... for a few minutes, until they got bored and needed some other entertainment! :)

And guess who recently won 2 yards of fabric from fabricworm on SewCanShe?!? There is just about nothing I love more than new fabric! Aren't these ones so fun?!



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