Friday, March 16, 2012

The Everyday Games

"Where are Cooper and Ryder? ;) Where have my sqeaky clean boys gone? There's these big rocks on the floor, but I don't see my boys??"  This is what I say after almost every bath- to which the "rocks" immediately start squirming and laughing, even pop up and become the boys again! :)

What on earth?? That's what you're thinking, eh? :) All this menagerie was actually a fixture in the living room for a day known as Cooper's Store. He gathered up all sorts of things across the house and then we got to come along and buy them! I found an old stash of change in my drawer that I used to shop and shop. I tried to talk him into playing with play money, but he wouldn't even hear of it! He's no dummy :)

Another fun little thing we tried recently was a simple little play dough fossils game- I flattened several small mounds of dough and then punched a mark in them with different objects while Coop wasn't looking. Then the items I'd used went into a basket and he matched them up with the marks in the dough! Really simple and fun- he did some for me after he figured these out on his own.:) Here's a few examples that were favs:

And check the flowers that my thoughtful husband sent to me on our temple anniversary!
They were the highlight of the day for sure!
I'm so blessed and grateful to get to spend eternity with you, Stephen!



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