Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekend Eventful

Weekends when Taron and Keaton are with us I would say are generally rather eventful.
Nothing grand or out of the ordinary, just more involved and productive I guess...
Maybe it's Cooper and Ryder's excitement level that makes it feel eventful!

This last weekend, during the day before Stephen left to go get them, he changed out a blown lightbulb in the  laundry room for me. Cooper was intrigued by the old bulb and really wanted it as a treasure to keep and play with! Anything is a treasure to this little dude! Well, of course we can't let him play with a lightbulb, so to ease the anxiety, I set to work crafting a lightbulb out of paper... could've turned out worse I daresay :} And then Ryder needed to have his picture taken too- with his favorite, trusty treasure, "black guy." :)

 Taron and Keaton were super excited about the puppies this trip- they seemed to want to soak them up all they could. Four boys and seven puppies= fun for sure :} 

Friday night we had some friends over to join in the fray and I made these sugar cookie bars I had seen on Pinterest. Verdict: Awesome! I might not ever roll out and cut sugar cookies again ;) Not really, of course, but these really were divine with much less work! I like that I didn't have to douse the dough in flour first.

Saturday everyone seemed discontent inside, so, even though it was rather nasty out, Stephen loaded up all four boys and headed into the desert for some exploring and shooting. Little Ry wanted so badly to go- he is forever getting left behind- so I sent him with. Well, of course, while they are all out there, they get stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by Stephen's wonderful friend, Brad... The older boys are capable, but I was nervous for my little guys for sure! None of them seemed too flustered in the end, though... :) Such is a boy's life!

On Sunday after Church, Cooper decided it was time he took his money making endeavors to new heights. He asked if he could set up a lemonade stand (as he's digging cups out of the cupboard). When I said it was too cold for that yet, he immediately suggested that he do a cocoa stand! Cute, but still, no. So he set up an indoor stand for his brothers. He put a few chips inside these little mini cups and set them out for grabs. No sign or even a full size table- he didn't even think about the details, other than the collection cup. :) Taron and Keaton scoured the couch cushions and raided Dad's pockets for change- it was pretty darn cute and clever!

Sunday night we tried plying Words with Friends old school, but it lasted only a few rounds before Stephen  decided it was too slow and the little boys sealed the decision for everyone :} We opted for Bingo instead :)

The older boys didn't have school Monday, so we got to have them an extra day! It was finally nice out and we all went on a walk up the street. As always, Coop and Ry wanted their scooters, but abandon them just a few houses down... usually I'm stuck dragging them both on each side, but the older boys got a ride in too after all this time :)

Meanwhile Coop gathered treasure like this sweet dried flower and Ryder made sure he didn't have to wear the same clothes all day... :)

Simple, good times!


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