Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Prep and Sunshine

We are doing some fun things relative to Easter around here lately! We mixed shaving cream and paint on a small cookie sheet and dipped some egg shaped paper in- Cooper really enjoyed this and they turned out pretty cool I thought. :) Ry just played with his guys to the side- he starts gagging when he touches stuff like this!

I know I've mentioned before that putting Easter baskets together is one of my favorite things of the whole year! I was stoked when I found these big, colorful buckets in the automotive section at Walmart for under $2 each! They are like car washing size and I love the colors! I knew immediately I could just create some vinyl for them and they'd have the best beach buckets ever once Easter was passed!

I thought they turned out super fun... other than Cooper's is about to be switched out for black vinyl- the cream is too light against the green! Another awesome find I grabbed to put inside were these cute, classic little color/ sticker books from the dollar spot at Target:

I really don't put much of any "bunny" type stuff in their baskets, but I like the idea of them getting to know these classic stories and love the vintage styling. I can hardly wait to get their baskets all arranged and for them to find them on Easter morning! I think I like Easter baskets so well in part because the boys get them from their Dad and I, not from the Easter Bunny. It's nice to be able to talk with them openly about what they get! 

We also tried making these little cuties:

And decided it was pretty much a bust! Cooper didn't like the stickiness of everything in the process of making them. The beans ended up being sticky as a result too, just wouldn't be fun to wear I don't think. I was hopeful to make some of them to give to my nieces this weekend, but I doubt we'll take it up again! Maybe I needed Jelly Belly's instead of normal Brach's jelly beans?

Otherwise, we are loving the splendid weather lately! Today the boys are donning shorts for the first time :) I thought these sunny shots I got of the boys at my parent's house this last weekend were pretty fun, even if they were clearly less than enthused at me taking them! 



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