Sunday, April 8, 2012

he IS risen!

Ryder has a gnarly runny nose and Cooper has a random fever, so Easter Sunday, again, I am home from Church. I'm disappointed. Sitting on the sewing table are their cute little vests, still with buttons needing to be sewn on, yes, but they were made with intent for today. I feel strongly about Easter. I know He IS Risen! He Lives! And I want to be feeling the Spirit today, want my boys to be feeling how special it all is.

So I guess today particularly, our home is our Sunday School. We are watching Living Scriptures and listening to Hillary Weeks. Well, mostly I am, I guess :) Here's one that I thought I'd share below.

I'm struck that one of the most touching, for me at least, messages of our Savior being Risen is that, through it all, He knows US! I know that His suffering in Gethsemane encompasses all of us as individuals. Even when my strength seems to be diminished, when I might even want to sort of hide from Him for all my lacking, I still know that He knows me. Of all points of my testimony, this is one that is inescapable for me- ALL things testify of Him! I know He was Risen on the third day, that it was for US!

Happy Easter! I hope your day is full of whatever makes it special for you :)



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