Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ruffle Hem Skirt

About a year or so ago, I came across  this adorable skirt tutorial at a blog called Cluck Cluck Sew. The style just struck me and I've really wanted to make this skirt! I always like the idea of wearing skirts more, for everyday even. I actually tried making this last summer, but was unknowingly using the wrong kind of knit and having gathering issues to boot, so it was a bust and I moved on to something equally worthless, albeit more successful :) Anyhow, my Mom passed down this dressy, stretchy fabric that I really liked and thought would make a nice skirt for Spring, so I gave it another try. I know the fabric I used still isn't actually jersey knit, but, hey, it worked!

It was as simple as two pieces sewn together, a casing created on top, a strip ruffled and then added along the raw edge bottom. I'm no model by a long shot, but I was happy with how it turned out and wanted to share. :) I actually wore my tall boots with it the first time since it was cold that day, but I'm anxious to be able to wear sandals with it now. I think my black sandals are actually out in the garage (ya, still there from when we moved last fall :/), so I threw these oldies but goodies on for a pic...

... and realized while I was wearing them that they are the very shoes
I was wearing in high school
when I got in a car crash and broke my ankle.
(Which is also the reason my ankles aren't exactly pretty!)

Anyhow... this made a really fun and easy skirt- I'd like to try it in actual jersey knit for one that I could wear more casually too! For the tutorial again, click Here :)



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