Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dying Over Here

Another fun little thing we squeezed in while the boys were here was dying Easter eggs! For the first time I used plain vinegar and food color and it worked great! I usually buy a kit with color capsules, but opted not to and now I likely never will again. I also recycled these little babies:

Yogurt cups! These particular cups struck me as being big enough to fit an egg and indeed they were- I actually don't have an abundance of cups or mugs in general, so this was a nice way to save on dishes!

We rolled the eggs in glitter before we dyed them and I decided it was a bit of a bust... glitter eggs definitely need to be fake! I also tried to get my glue dots to stick to the egg shell to roll them in glitter for polka dot eggs and they wouldn't stick! Guess we'll stick to plain jane around here! They are still pretty in my opinion :) It was interesting to watch Taron and Keaton try a few more unique things with the colors.

Ryder was just happy to be included and loved the green color!
Cooper tried using a white crayon and writing his name...

No doubt we'll do this again this week- Ryder and I both love hard boiled eggs!
Plus, I still have hope for making a polka dot one :)


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