Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Funnest Little Gems!

Don't you wish you could reach out and touch them just seeing the picture?? I do!
I love all that fun  color! We recently tried these Aqua Gems and they were a hit!
I guess they are made right here in Idaho Falls. I enjoyed them just as much as the boys!

I got this package at Joann's for $5, in the floral section, not far from the foam stuff.. I poured about a quarter of the package into a pitcher for each of the boys and they had oodles to play with! They start out little teeny, then you put a bunch of water over them and let them sit for about four hours or so- we got impatient and called them good after three or so!

They started getting bigger almost immediately- these above had only been wet for ten minutes or so.

Coop loved the black ones- his very own black pearl :)

I loved just letting a handful run through my fingers- I thought it made for a pretty sweet stress reliever! Anyhow, they are a fun thing to have on hand for cool days, too hot days, rainy days, or just to ease the boredom- tons of games could surely be played with them too!  They're fun to look at, but almost irresistible not to touch!



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