Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes I'm Pretty Cool

I'm certainly not the Mom who's kids can't really play for the sake of keep things in pristine order,
but on occasion, I just toss my hands in the air and let go of the last strand of "No" I might've had...

 ...like when I let the boys all find white shirts,
pour food coloring into their spray bottles
and have a water fight :)

They couldn't have loved this more! It was totally fun even just to watch- they were having a blast trying to get other soaked with the color. I put plain water in little Ryder's bottle and he jumped in from the sidelines a bit. In the end, the shirts just kinda ended up gray- next time we'll use watered down fabric paint or fabric dye instead. :)

They were dripping with color- check Cooper's eyebrows! It came off no sweat in the bath right after.
I love this picture of these three below...  :)

 In the process of all the color works, they added food coloring to a few water balloons and froze them overnight- they played a game like hand hockey with them the next morning and tossed plain ice cubes across the tramp to each other. :)

And, yes, it's true, I am now completely out of food coloring...
oh well, this is probably the only good use for the nasty stuff anyway! :)

Fun colorful times :)



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