Friday, July 20, 2012

Achievements and Such

 Cooper just finished a session of private swimming lessons- his first ever! You'd never have guessed it, though- he is a water dog for sure! We spend a lot of time in the water somehow or another through the summer, so I'm grateful he's learning how to be safe and actually swim! His sweet teacher was so patient and clear- even though Cooper was particularly excited and inquisitive through the lessons. Meanwhile Ryder and I got to try to keep from melting outside the fence... he's practicing his "I Love You" sign that he just learned!

And woo hoo for no training wheels! I was sure nervous when Taron and Stephen took them off, but right out of the gate, Cooper took off, turned around and came back while we watched! Not more than a few minutes later he was starting on his own- he never crashed once and still hasn't yet! I remember this process being pretty painstaking for me (or my Dad and Uncle Brent, rather) as a kid learning at Redfish, so I'm  thrilled that it came so easy to him! Oh, and see the boys' cute bike baskets?! I'm hoping to post about them soon- they turned out super fun!

Summer seems to get my creative juices pumpin' and now that I'm done making Patriotic Wreaths, I've been able to do some fun things! This "water blob" above supposed to be one of them... I've seen a lot of these lately and everyone that's done it raved about how much their kids loved it and how simple it was, so I thought surely it would be a hit around here too. But, honestly, it was a bust for us :/  The boys were more excited about helping to fill it up with the hose than they were to actually play around on it. I spent a bunch of time and tape getting it together and patching the holes as it filled up, only to stop worrying about the leaks because there was no point! They did roll around on it a fair bit, but it took more time to put together even! Oh well, on to the next!

I saw this Jell-O Popsicle recipe at Crafting Chicks and thought it would be a good one to try out! We go through an inordinate amount of frozen goodies around here it seems, so I've wanted to find a homemade version we actually like! I've also been trying to take Red Dye and High Fructose Corn Syrup out of the boys' diets... needless to say I have to toss my hands in the popsicle department on that one for the most part. Even when I made these, I had pineapple jello but not pineapple koolaid, so I disappointedly added the red tropical punch. Which is a great flavor combo, by the way, just not great on the dye ;) Anyhow...

They are a big hit! Taron loves these too and the Jell-O really does help them not to just drip all over as they melt! I like putting a cupcake liner at the base, like above to help too... plus, it's just cute! :) Plus, any leftover can be saved back in the little cups :) For this one below, I tried out the strawberries and cream recipe from THIS post at Our Best Bites... :) No doubt we'll be trying some more combinations of both of these soon! Yum :) I know I need to be starting to get into school mode with Cooper starting kindergarten, but for now I'm in denial... summer is still in full swing around here!



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