Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ryder Is Three!

Three years ago, this little winking boy came into our lives:

He has been the light of our lives since! 

Ryder has such a sweet, thoughtful personality and is generally the peacemaker when it comes to tiffs with his older brother. He's younger enough than his older brothers adore him and truly enjoy his presence. And he thinks they pretty well hang the moon. He loves actions figures, monster trucks and dinosaurs. He comments on just about every motorbike he ever sees. He could hang out in Grandpa's boat all day long, especially when Grandpa's with him. He hides behind my legs when he's embarrassed and oftentimes prefers to get over things on his own, rather than be coddled. He shares easily and often does the right thing before being reminded. We love this little boy and are so grateful for his spirit in our family!

Happy Birthday Ry Ry!



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