Sunday, August 26, 2012

Savoring Summer

Lovely times like this- with my feet propped on the water table watching the boys slip n'slide- are about to be more sporadic... not non-existent for sure, just more infrequent... what with school starting and all. This last week, we spent most days just enjoying home and playing in the yard, trying out a few things we've been wanting to do this summer.

We loved these water pinatas last year, but hadn't done them at all yet this year! The boys really  got into them again- ya know, getting to bang on something with the bat= automatic fun :)

Painting outside :) Spraying the table off with a hose= the only way to do it!

These are some pics from Ryder's birthday- he wore this cute little tag to church and was so proud of it! He woke up to these simple streamers too :) 

I love these simple pics of the boys and I. I shot them on my phone while they were snuggled close to me outside late in the day. We were playing "the car game," where we sit facing the busy road and listen for cars coming, then try to guess and shout out whether it's a pickup or a car- pure silliness :)

The boys could have done this baking soda/ vinegar experiment for twice as long as we had time for it! I put plain baking soda in a small bowl, then combined vinegar and food color in a cup. They use small medicine droppers to suck up the vinegar and spit it into the baking soda to watch it foam up- super cool and simple! I'd seen this idea here.

 We also did a trip to the zoo this last weekend as a last hoorah... but that'll have to be it's own post :)



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