Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Stuff and Things

Could they get any stinkin' cuter?!? 

Indeed, puppies are around again at the Buffats. For a few more short weeks, these little devils are keeping the boys entertained by playing around the grass most evenings :) Even I can tolerate them at this cute, curious stage! I love these pics: 

Fall time means my husband starts to lose his head for the birds again... So, we decided last weekend to turn his flight in the desert into a final camping trip and spent a fun night at Birch Creek, not too far from Mud Lake. Some new falconry friends of Stephen's came along and brought some fun campfire entertainment:

They had a strip of copper pipe, maybe 8" or so, just round enough for an equal piece of cut garden hose to slide into. The pipe had several small holes drilled through it. Then they hammered one end of the pipe closed, slid the hose piece inside and put the hole thing into the campfire. It produced some pretty cool looking flames as the hose started to melt! Now... I Googled it so I could add some other picture to this post and discovered in a hurry that this is actually really quite bad for you- like hugely TOXIC! Our friends knew to wait for everyone to be done roasting marshmallows before putting the pipe in, but if I'd thought very well, I sure would've moved my chair back so I made sure I wasn't breathing the fumes either! At any rate- if you try it, don't breath it in! It does look cool though! There's more information here :)

The next day we bashed around the desert looking for sage grouse to fly on and Cooper was beyond thrilled when he found his newest pet:

A horny toad! Or "thorny devil" as he likes to call them thanks to Wild Kratts. :) Kinda unique, eh? I couldn't convince him to let it go "free and in the wild" though. :/

At this point, I'm thinkin' it's ok that camping is behind us for another year. Our inflatable pool has been flattened and will also wait another year to be used again, along with the slip n' slide and bike mister. We can't sit outside while the last bit of light fades away without having a hoodie on. We need socks and slippers on in the mornings. (Speaking of which I got these adorable crocheted ones below by swapping here.)

And we've been eating this for breakfast and snacks:

Zucchini bread- or bikini bread as Ryder calls it ;)- yum! I use this recipe :) 



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