Sunday, October 21, 2012

Handsome Fall Boys

They really are, huh? :) Once in a blue moon I'm able to have everyone ready in enough time before Church to grab a quick picture of them- I love the little boys' sweaters! Even less often do they all have nice smiles together obviously, but I'll take it! 

And this is what happens when you leave your sprinkler system on while it freezes overnight... Coop and Ry thought it was awesome and loved the icicles! Cooper even said he was happy to wear pants now that there was "snow on the ground." Normally it's a daily battle to get him not to wear shorts anymore :/ Needless to say, we turned the water off after!

Yes, yes, jumping is still a number one sport around here...
and I still can't resist taking pictures of it all!

A few notable events in our everyday lately... the "batting head against wall" stage of potty training came and went and overnight Ryder just got it! My last box of diapers has long since been bought- woo hoo! He seems to love being like his big brothers :) And... 

Cooper is reading! It is so cool to see your own kids "get it!" Sometimes it really frustrates him because he'd rather be doing something else. But when he slows down enough, he does so good and is so proud of himself to gain new words everyday!

And for fun...we recently made these fun "Monster Eyeballs" using THIS printable-
the boys loved teasing Dad with them when he got home!

Snagged this cute shot of Coop recently too- love :)



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