Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Rocks!

Christmas Eve day was a matter of getting things cleaned up around the house- I remember it being a work day growing up too! By the afternoon, the boys were all rather antsy and cranky, so we let them open up this fun Headbanz game to play for the evening! We all really enjoyed it actually :) They also were in and out of the snow all day- we've been getting pretty good snow and are loving it!

Yet again, the boys simply cannot hold still long enough to get a decent Christmas lights pic, but I tried! By the time we had opened Christmas jammies, Cooper was seriously fried- the wait was so close to over! Before they went to bed, in our usual style, we had a fun dance party :)

Each of the boys was excited about their presents Christmas morning-
their faces were so happy and fun!

Later that day, Ryder was so tired he fell asleep while having a snack! My parents and Grandma Laura were over for the better part of the day too- they were sports to play with the boys too...

For the first time in our married life we didn't have to travel on Christmas Day and it was so nice!
Awesome, blessed Christmas Day :)



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