Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the Library!

For quite some time, Cooper has been bringing home small little books to read every night. And just last week, he finished all of those books his teacher has in her classroom! That means that he gets to start going to the school library each day to take Accelerated Reader tests! He was so excited to have something new going on during school time and to have made it through all the little books!

To celebrate and acknowledge his achievement, I put together a simple little gift and Ryder and I were waiting for him inside the school that day to give it to him! Ryder wasn't feeling ultra great that day, but he's still stylin' in Mom's sunglasses!

Now Cooper has his picture on the big display outside the library :) He is a great reader, even though we have to twist his arm to get all his reading done some days. We are so proud of him! 

And in other cute boy news: 

Hanging out, taking turns playing on my phone... Little everyday moment



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