Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day in the Life of a Boy

Any given day in the life of one of the younger Buffat boys
would cetainly include the request, "Mama, take a picture!"

... of the current stuffed animal collection or the pajamas being accessorized by a tie.
Or maybe the funniest face he can make at the moment :)

Without question, it will include some video game play
(aka Mom's cell phone being sequestered.)
It will mostly likely include some watching over the shoulder and turn-taking in the process...
Alas, turn taking is unavoidable during any day in the life of a Buffat boy.

The best of days involve building massive pillow piles, then running and landing in them!
Or playing in the flour bucket while Mom bakes. :)
A day in the life of a Buffat boy is cause for these wonderful smiles that Mom can't get enough of:

Most days in their lives include a crafty type project of some kind...
like the personalized Liahona's made for an FHE above,
or the upcycled boats being constructed below.
The average Buffat boy day also, of course, includes chasing each other around with said projects.
Chasing is an essential ingredient for a happy Buffat boy day :)

Very good days could also possible include going to Sizzler
to present the free kids meal coupon he earned at school...

... or even checking out seek-and-find riddles on the back of a cereal box with Dad.
Cereal box days means Dad's off work, of course :)

A day in the life of these younger Buffat boys is pretty blessed, wouldn't ya say?

And it'll be even moreso the next time they get to see the older ones too :)



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