Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretty Well Random

I've got several different boredom buster/ what we've been up to lately type posts
all ready to go... well, the photos are edited at least...
but, ya know, I'm kind of in the mood for just a random type of post.
So here you have my inner dialogue out for some air I guess. :)

1) Why do I want this blog to grow? I can't say I ever had the intention for my little half-a-blip of the internet to be something that would make money. I can say with absolute surety that competition is NOT what drives me...ever. And there is a massive lot of it in crafty mommy blogville. I have a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising... and a hefty discomfort with networking on the side... nice, eh? So, why oh why do I make moves to help this blog grow, to get anyone beyond my own family members see what I share here? I think I've decided that this blog really just gives me something to do... I feel kinda vulnerable saying that, but I guess that's it. Like my intro says, it's a place that makes me happy... so I guess that's it too :) Maybe somewhere along the way a little income as a result and a few more skills in the social department wouldn't be such a bad thing either... :)

2) Today during a Phineas and Ferb re-run, they were at a mall and got all excited seeing the old kiddie toys they used to ride on. Phineas remembers himself being a super cool astronaut during the ride. Zoom out to his older self riding the barely-moving rocket ship and he says, "In retrospect, I may have over-romanticized those memories." Still makes my totally laugh! Who does that statement not ring a bell with?!

3) For example, I always look back fondly on memories of my family going snowmobiling and sledding growing up. I think of us having a fire, hot chocolate, my aunt and uncle and grandparents being there, just the happiness of being together with family in the outdoors. But, in reality, I was for-real scared sledding down the big hill we used to go to! I was for-real uncomfortable trying not to bury the snowmobile when I took my turn to drive it around- I did not like having to go off the trail at all! Still, those memories are for-real awesome... and, indeed, over-romanticized. :)

4) It would probably be a good thing if this one wasn't a whole paragraph long, eh?

5) I seriously need to menu-plan. I've been saying that for something like a year and a half now. I need to just do it already. Along with about 20 other things... most of which are surely more significant than menu planning.

6) Speaking of which, tonight about 5:30ish (much too late in the game, I realize), I ask the boys what we should have for dinner. Cooper immediately chimes in, "lasagna!"

Me: "Lasagna takes like two hours, buddy."

Then Ryder joins in: "Oh... well what about chocolate toast?"

Oh my, I had to chuckle! How easy to please my boys are :) By chocolate toast he means toast with Nutella on it. And if you can't have lasagna, chocolate toast is certainly a close second. ;)

7) There a ton of reportedly great 80's movies I have never seen. I just wasn't quite old enough to have seen them in their prime. Stephen, on the other hand, was part of their target audience back in the day. (Any guesses just how much older than me he is??) After seeing Pitch Perfect, he is on a mission to make sure I watch Breakfast Club. We are still waiting to get a hold of it, but in the process have watched Some Kind Of Wonderful, with Sixteen Candles up next. Any others I simply can't live without catching up on?

8) Here' the thing: each of the seasons have their novelty, but summer is the clear winner for me. My boys have fallen in line too- they've been asking when we can go to the beach again since about Thanksgiving. Lately my constant near-death experiences slipping on the ice trying to get to and from my car have pretty much gotten me over winter already. We need about four days of 40-ish temps to turn the place into a mud hole. I'll take it over the ice at this point... And to think we have a garage! Which is, of course, filled with everything BUT my car...

9) I was planning on going to fourteen, ya know, for the sake of Valentines and all, but I'm now questioning the wisdom of that goal...

10) Recently I made the statement that I had promised myself I would never make anything just for the blog. Having said it out loud got me thinking: do I really keep that "promise;" and is that word an overstatement? I can definitely say that, indeed, I really don't do things just to be able to post them here, or blog for the sake of blogging. I'm here to tell the story of my awesome family of boys and to encourage and share my creativity, which is what essentially makes me who I am. Not long ago I was having to give Ryder a breathing treatment on the couch and pulled up the blog specifically to my family related posts. He didn't complain the whole while as we scrolled through and looked at pictures of life as we know it. Loved that moment... :) Other than, ya know, the fact that he'd been trying to cough up his lungs. :(

No matter what growth or stepping outside of my comfort zone may come,  "fake it 'til you make it" will flat never be my style. And that is what makes, and will hopefully always keep, this little blog a place that brings happiness :)



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