Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Boyville

It was full-on Boyville last weekend with Taron and Keaton here and the Superbowl to boot!
 Somewhere in the mix Ryder put his pool noodle toy around  his head and said, "Mama, I'm a lion!" :)
Oh and the lack of shirt in January?
He loves having his shirt off, not necessarily the pants, just the shirt.
Earlier he asked me if I would please take shirt off for him "so I can be a ninja."
And now I get it... and have melted even further over my baby :)

Speaking of babies, over the weekend Taron sat down on Stephen's lap, surely just to harass him.
Stephen went on about how Taron was his first baby.
Not to be out-done, all the "babies" piled on! Taron and Cooper are somewhere under there...

While Stephen was gone Friday night to get the boys in Pocatello,
the little boys and I played Hedbanz!
We are still loving this game! :) This is also a photo I posted to #aleidaschallenge-
a challenge to take at least one picture of yourself each month with your kids,
to get in the shot instead of just be on the other side of the lens.
I loved the backstory on this- you really should read more about it and find out how to join in HERE :)

One occasional perk of life surrounded by boys is that they take to their Dad's hobbies...
which means I get the house to myself for a handful of hours
on Saturday while they are all out flying, hunting, shooting, fishing, etc!
Usually Ryder hangs tight with me, but when Taron and Keaton are here, I totally lose that battle!

This weekend they went ice fishing in Roberts with a good friend of Stephen's and his kids.
Cooper was thrilled as thrilled with the little perch they all caught!
They were seriously tiny, but it didn't matter a bit!

This family had always been a fan of random dance parties, and lately we've been playing
Just Dance 4 on the Wii! Cooper has the best big brothers ever
that let him win on occasion... and give Stephen a run for his money :)
Have I mentioned that my hubby has got moves?! Cuz, he really does!
And... now you know...

Stephen hand-me-downed (not a real word, I know) an old suit to Keaton for Church too-
he was so proud of how great he looked! 

As always, Boys Rule :) And winter is really pretty darn fun :)



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