Saturday, May 25, 2013

school's OUT!

It's officially Summer!
We had a fun, full week leading up to Cooper's last day on Thursday.

There wasn't a kindergarten graduation at his elementary, but parents were invited to his classroom for a "Reading Hour." The class sang their little songs and read to us the cutest journals and treasures box books they had been working on all year! He also got to pick books to read to me. I am SO proud of Cooper's reading ability he's gained over the school year- he really can read so well! It feels like it's been a wildfire of progress in the last handful of months- he loves being able to read stuff too, from books to signs and such while we're out and about! He's excited to be able to pick the books he wants to read himself at the public library this summer :)

Cooper will miss seeing several of his favorite people at school each day! He loves the secretary, Jan, and especially his amazing teacher, Mrs. Schuster. I told him the other day that she wouldn't be his teacher when he came back and he was a bit disturbed by that! I have a special place in my heart for these awesome ladies, too. His elementary school is really as good as it gets :)

And with summer begun, he's been making his very own summer to-do list. Yet another sampling of his spelling and writing lately. :) Some of my favs: "Youta Zoo," "Ilind Park," "Water Targits." :) Guess it's about time for me to be designing some new Water Gun Targets, eh? And Hogle (Utah) Zoo and Island Park will surely be visits later on :)

With summer in full swing, bring on the undies-only yard fun! :)



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