Monday, May 20, 2013

Simple FroYo Card Teacher Gift

Hooray hooray for the last week of school!
I can hardly wait to have my Cooper back for the whole day!
To not have to make double trips to and from the school each day, 
to worry a little less about bedtime
to just have it be summer!

We've been thinking for awhile about what to give Cooper's teacher and aides as an end of year gift. I happened upon some threads on facebook where teachers were chiming in on what they most love to get. The resounding winner: gift cards! So, even thought they aren't really seen as a very creative gift, I decided gift cards it was!

I had to think for about half a second about where I'd grab the cards for... Orange Leaf! We love, love, love  this awesome fro yo place! My sister first introduced us to it several years ago and it never disappoints! We've gotten to take friends there for the first time on a couple of occasions and they fell in love with it too! For real... cutest, yummiest frozen yogurt ever. It's super popular around here it seems, so I have no doubt his teacher will be able to use and enjoy her card :)

I didn't want to just give her the card tucked inside a note or something like that. So, Cooper helped me pick  out some cute little ice cream dishes (these were actually labeled "dip cups" at Target, but they were perfect nonetheless :P) that I could include. Then I bunched up a sheet of white tissue paper to set inside the top dish- to try and look like ice cream, right? I thought it turned out pretty cute! I taped the card on top, then wrapped ribbon that reminded me of sprinkles around it all :)

Gift card not so boring now! 

So I am seriously loving Coop's writing these days- I want to just bottle it up! As cute as these were without any personalized note, they were not at all complete without a greeting from him, as in for real from him :) I guided him a little bit so that each note wasn't 30 words long, but otherwise he wrote down on these cards what he wanted to tell his teacher, and the secretary, Jan, who he just loves- the second one is for her :)  I hesitated to let him write "I Love You" on Mrs. Schuster's note, but then thought, "ya know, he surely really does have love for her." So, she now knows she is loved :)

If this is an idea you like and could use, but maybe your little student can't write yet or it doesn't work out for sake of time or something like that, I made this quick printable that you could add as well :) Just right click above and save to print! This could be whipped up the night before school's out if you needed!

Cooper also has a few aides at school that he wanted to acknowledge too, so these bags of chocolates with notes are for them... Is it possible to dis-like washi tape? For real, makes everything easier and cuter :)

Enjoy the last week of school, be it this week for you too or sometime in the future!
Hopefully this idea will be one someone can use to let a teacher know they've been awesome!
And if you haven't tried Orange Leaf yourself yet, add it to that summer bucket list! :)



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