Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Time

We spent part of Father's Day weekend out at my parent's house... surrounded by my favorite people and absolutely some of my favorite scenery in the whole world. I trucked up the lane fishing with the boys and loved being surrounded by the water, the rocky cliffs, high mountains and the sagebrush all in one spot- amazing!

I played with the camera while they cast for fish, obviously.
And I really love these shots I got :)
Even jumped in a couple, believe it or not!

Don't we just look like we belong together? :) I kinda think so... 

Taron thinks he's too cool for anything but fly fishing these days... picked up some bad karma for not catching anything and doesn't try very hard anymore ;) Having fun otherwise, though- he's never one to complain too very much... Love this kid :)

And then there's Ryder, who must've thought he'd try catching them by hand I guess...


Love this shot Cyndel got of us! Hanging out with my Coop downstream a bit. Even if he doesn't catch anything, he is happier than happy to be fishing. Proverbial optimist for the most part this kid :)

Missing Keaton for this trip, but we got them all together the next day back at our own house...

Awesome visit home. Each time I'm there I swear I could handle never leaving :)



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