Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adorable Taffy Kabob Party Favors

So I recently threw a baby shower for my friend. And wouldn't ya know it, I took seriously NO pictures of the whole thing! :P I was so irritated at myself when I realized afterwards! Anyhow, in the process of getting ready for it, a facebook fan asked how I made the taffy kabobs I had made for the All Boy Baby Shower I posted a couple of years ago. I laughed because I was right in the middle of making them again and trying to take pics to share them with you! I've used these several times for shower favors and they always turn out stinkin' cute! I love the rainbow of colors you get with taffy. My boys always hope I have some left over so they can have one themselves :)

Supplies You'll need:

Several bags/ pounds of Salt Water Taffy (I bought mine at Walmart for I think $2 each bag)
Long lollipop sticks (these are also at Walmart near the party supply stuff, and at Michaels too)
Wooden skewers like you'd find in the BBQ area also work really well :)
A knife with a sharp point
Ribbon and scissors

I start by lining up several sticks worth of taffy at one time. I prefer the look of a ROYGBIV rainbow of colors (or as close as I can get with the taffy colors), but anything goes really :) I did a few all Neapolitan ones for the baby shower and those were cute too. Lining them up just makes it a bit quicker is all.

Then start with the taffy that you want to be at the bottom and use your knife to poke a small hole all the way through:

I try to remember not to poke all the way through the one that will on top, but it's no big deal if you forget- I did on a bunch of them! With holes in your taffy, you take a lollipop stick and start forcing it through. It would be impossible without the hole you just created, but even at that, it's still a bit tough. You want it to be so your taffy will stay put and not just slide off :) I noticed it was easier if my taffy didn't get too warm. If you're using wooden skewers, you may be able to skip this part all together.

With all of your taffy stacked, you cut a small segment of ribbon (I'd say mine were about five inches or so) and tie it on to the bottom. I always save all of the ribbon tying until the end and set my sticks with the taffy only to the side first, but whatever works for you is awesome! I think this little bit of ribbon is what takes these from clever to super cute :)

All done and ready! Like I said, totally forgot to take a picture of what they looked like at the shower, but I put a bunch of scrunched tissue paper in a small basket and stuck them inside of it with the ribbon part down. Floral foam works even better, like my friend and I did here for that All Boy Baby Shower:

These honestly just make me smile so much! :)
I think they turn out adorable- a simple, inexpensive treat for your next party or shower!
Enjoy and thanks for visiting today :)

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