Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer (and Life) In a Bottle

I just wanna keep this summer in a bottle.

I know, I know, I've said just that about different points in time before.
But still, I wanna bottle this time in life too :)

Like the time Cooper got little frogs from one of Stephen's customers
and he couldn't have been more thrilled about it :)

Or the soft, kissy cheeks and melt-me smile of my imaginative, playful baby...
how he is still MINE...
and I know I won't be able to say that much longer.
He is generally content and mild and willing. And we are still a tight knit duo he and I :)

I want to bottle how we actually do lots of the things we say we wanna do.
Like walking across the little bridge to the area below the falls in town for a picnic :)

Or stop in as we have the whim on my Grandma Laura.
How we walked through her backyard, picked the raspberries that she never intended to be growing at all; and reminisced at the corner under the trees where I used to play with my cousins. I want to bottle the pang of pain and joy both that I get when it comes to that kind of nostalgia.

In the bottle would be how much we love Rigby Lake!
How the boys race each other from the beach out to me in the water, how we jam out to our favorite songs on the way, and dig long, narrow trenches in the sand so we can pour water into them and watch it trickle back down to the shoreline.
(I actually might wanna make sure to NOT bottle
the time that Taron reported he swam underneath the dock and
started to panic that he wouldn't make it back up in time- yikes!)

Possibly my favorite memory of the summer so far...

that I know I won't forget even without this bottle I'm trying to conjure...
is the miraculously wind-free evening that we sat out in the yard on our picnic table
and played cards with friends by the lantern light.
We made the boys a blanket fort off the porch and they played night games with glow sticks.
Perfect Evening.

Notes like the one at the very top of the this post... and weed bouquets like this one...
I wish they really could be timeless in a bottle.
There is pretty much nothing better than that smile, that handwriting, that sincerity.
He is stubborn and adamant and needy and whiny and goofy right now.
But its still a wonderful, awesome time... its kinda just... everything I guess....

Into the bottle goes the lawn mower rides...
which really just translate to yet another example
of what wonderful older brothers Taron and Keaton are.

...and the just about daily water fun in our yard. :)

I have to say... this blog is our bottle. I look back through old posts much more than anyone else does for sure. And I'm so glad they are there! I share projects and ideas here that I love- worthwhile things that fill my days and make me who I am.

But, still, ultimately those will pretty well filter through the strainer of sand in this bottle I'm creating.
And what's left in the catch will be moments of our life like these...
the awesome young men we are raising and the good life that makes them that way :)



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