Monday, July 15, 2013

Washi Tape Meets Incomplete Playing Cards

Truth: not a lot stays in tact very well around our house. Toys with multiple pieces get separated and pieces lost. If two parts are required, only one can be found. Socks... let's not even start that one... 

To try and solve the case of the missing whatever-it-may-be, I go often to "the everything box" tucked under our island counter. You all have a junk drawer somewhere too, right? Fess up... :) Well, ours is a box that we just kinda never unpacked and stashed and keep adding to...

We play cards fairly often with friends and love playing a game that we call "Snarf." I think lots of other people call it "Nerts." Anyhow, to play the game, each player needs their own unique deck of cards- as the game goes on, they all get jumbled into the middle building suites and you have to be able to separate them later so everyone can count their points. You've heard of the game, right?? Hopefully I'm not just weird... but we'll keep on playing it even if I am! :)

Anyhow, so my different decks of cards not too long ago got tossed in to "the box of everything." And you already know what happened then, right? Ya, the decks got all scrambled and cards got sucked into oblivion somehow- day in the life. :) 

When my friend and I decided to try unscrambling all the cards, I had the thought that we could use washi tape to combine the incomplete decks and still be able to play "Snarf!" 

Easy little fix that made it so I didn't have to go in search of new decks of cards that would only meet the same fate somewhere along the line... Not to say that these ones won't too, but for now, all is well :)  I thought our washi tape solution was pretty clever- for any game that needs multiple, distinguishable decks, this could be a fun troubleshooting solution.

I used several of the tapes I've gotten from Pick Your Plum, and I also used the new Scotch Expressions tape for one of the decks. I thought it would be papery, just like washi tape is, but it's still slick like the normal clear kind! I was totally excited when I realized- so easy to work with and it actually stay smoothed down! I've been on the lookout for more of this stuff for sure!

Anyhow, nothing major, but a simple troubleshooting idea I thought I'd share...
Plus, now you can walk away feeling like your junk drawer isn't so bad after all ;)


PS... Here's a few more washi tape ideas I think are awesome!

Cute washi bracelets- these might need to make their way into my niece's Tree Mail this year :)

Washi Tape Bookends- love that I spy Anne in those books ;)

Washi Bike Makeover- Wow!


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