Thursday, August 15, 2013

Apple Projects with #myfavoritebloggers

Sometimes I see other bloggers doing fun things together and think "that would be so fun to be involved in!" That's exactly the way it was with this awesome new theme series I get to be involved in with some of #myfavoritebloggers. I thought a monthly themed collaboration would be fun and a good way to share lots of talent with you- I'm so thrilled to be part of this one! Each month we'll each share a project relative to a particular theme.

Clearly this month is Apples!

And these ladies are so full of awesome talent! Do you ever look around and realize you're in the best company ever? Such a good feeling, right? That's how I am when it comes to this cool, tight- knit, honest and open group of bloggers. They are wonderful. Really, they are. These themed efforts will be such a great place to get ideas and to feel uplifted in general!

Just who are they? From left to right, top down:

Kristen from One Tough Mother; Me- in case it wasn't obvious ;) Marilyn from 4 You with Love;
Tara from Suburble; Bethany from Pitter and Glink; Melanie from It Happens in a Blink;
Kara from Petals to Picots; ChiWei from One Dog Woof; Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me;
Kadie from 7 Alive; Nancy from Small Things with Love; and Amy from One Artsy Mama.

You might recognize my contribution here below- when I think apples, I think of one of my favorite things during fall time- making caramel apples at home! This is my favorite, favorite kind- apple pie... so yummy!

Apples dipped in caramel alone are delish, but these are delectable...

Wanna find out for yourself? Start with either Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples, small to medium. Slip your sticks into the tops and let them lie in wait...

I make caramel from scratch, using my Mom's treasured recipe- this is the real key to making these so yummy I think :) If you have a caramel recipe of your own, go with that. Or unwrap bulk caramels or caramel baking bits and go with that... Or... alright, alright: 

(Click this image above and copy, then paste into Word for a quick recipe card)

Moving on... give your caramel a titch to cool, then grab those waiting apples and dip away! Let them cool completely before adding the rest- the Apple Pie part :)

Mix about 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon (I really only ever just eyeball these) and set aside in a small bowl. Most commercial apple pie apples I've ever had use a mixture of just white sugar and cinnamon for the outer coating, but the brown makes them much better, I think!

Melt one bag of white chocolate chips or half a brick of Almond Bark. A two to four cup size measuring cup is my favorite tool for this part- perfect for both the melting and dipping. Dip your cool caramel apples into the white, kinda twisting as you dip.

Immediately after, start shaking your cinnamon/ brown sugar mixture over the top. Make sure NOT to roll the apple in the mixture, instead grab fingerfuls by hand and shake in on, twisting to cover the whole thing really well.

Set on a greased cookie sheet or cutting board to cool... then devour! Doesn't that taste divine?? :) These also make awesome gifts- who doesn't love a great caramel apple?!

And just  for a laugh... check out one of my caramel fails...

This is what happens when you overcook your caramel but don't realize it until far too late in the game...toffee anyone? :P

Anyhow, enjoy your Apple Pie on a Stick- so yummy! And enjoy the rest of #myfavoritebloggers apple projects, linked here:



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