Friday, August 30, 2013

Disneyland Giveaway (Yep, for Real!)

I am SO excited to be joining several other bloggers
to give away a trip to Disneyland!!

Do you have a big jar sitting somewhere in your house collecting change for this very thing?
It's likely :)
Have you heard your kids say they would "love to go there" within the last week?
It's likely :)
If you could take your kiddos anywhere before it's too late...
it's likely you'd choose Disneyland, right?

And if Disneyland maybe just isn't what you have in mind for the best thing you could ever win in a giveaway, you can opt for a $600 Disney or VISA gift card too- Christmas taken care of and then some! Think of how fast that big jar would fill up with $600 extra bucks in it!

So.... there are lots of great blogs involved in making sure one of YOU end up at Disneyland (or with an amazing $600 prize), including...

If you can't make it through all the entries at once, check back and pick it up again- you will not be sorry there are so many ways to enter!  Makes for much better chances that the winner will be YOU! And there's two whole weeks to make sure you don't miss any entries :)

The winner of the giveaway will get:
a four night hotel stay at a local (moderate) Orange County hotel
two 3-day, one Park/day Tickets to the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks

Your hotel room can be booked for up to four people. And remember, the winner can also opt for $600 in Disney or Visa gift cards.

When you enter, please read the official rules in the rafflecopter box regarding travel dates, blackout dates, and hotel location (item #12 covers most of this). This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 and older. Travel must occur on or before June 15, 2014 and black out dates may apply during November and December of 2013.

To enter simply use the rafflecopter box below! Good Luck, good luck, good luck! I would so love to have one of my readers win!! It will be so, so fun to be congratulating one of YOU on winning this amazing prize!

If for any reason the rafflecopter box does not appear on your screen please ****CLICK HERE***** to go directly to the rafflecopter site to enter.



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