Saturday, September 28, 2013

Counting Down to Skylanders Swap Force

This post might just prove what a weirdo I really am...

See, my little guys used to see Skylanders toys in the store and think they were so cool. But we didn't have the game, hadn't been sucked in yet. But then Cooper had saved and received enough money to buy the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack for his birthday. Worse things have been purchased or received around here in the name of not wanting to tell him he "can't like what he likes." (I really don't want to be that kind of Mom, ya know?) So I let him spend his birthday money on it and even bought half of it so that there wouldn't end up being arguments with Ryder...

...and thus began the process of us getting promptly sucked in to the thrill of Skylanders. Ryder actually has probably become the number one fan around here. While I don't really play the actual game with them too often, I do find it fun to look for and try to collect a good variety of characters. They've been a treat or reward for the boys that actually lasts. I guess I'll raise my hand to the nerdy square- Skylanders really is cool!

And in just a couple of weeks a brand new installment of Skylanders called Swap Force is coming out! Someone please tell me I'm not the only one whose kids are about to go nuts waiting for it?! I told the boys originally it would be their Christmas gift, but then Stephen went and worked out deal with them where the incentive was that they could get Swap Force on the day it came out. They've never done better at trying to accomplish something that's for sure! So, I'm now thinking that October 13 really can't get here soon enough! You should have seen how the boys about came out of their skin with excitement when they first saw this video below- and that's been several months ago! Good thing we didn't discover it earlier...

I guess that's really the reason I have to say I like Skylanders too... the fact that my boys like it and get a lot of happiness from it. Don't worry... I'm dead set on making sure they don't become video game junkies. ;)

For the past week, the boys have been asking if tomorrow was the day for Swap Force. And it's gotten kinda old... so I told them we'd make a countdown so they had a visual for how many more days were left. I printed out this sheet of new Swap Force characters above- I just searched and found it HERE. Then cut each character out to create 16 small pieces...

Then attached a character to the top of a plastic colored straw with washi tape. Each day they'll pull out a straw (they enjoyed playing with them while we were making it). When the jar is empty- it's finally here!

Meanwhile, my creative Cooper was cutting up his own Swap Force character poster I had printed and "paper swapping" the guys- clever! That's what Swap Force is all about- getting to swap the tops and bottoms of the toys to create the powers you want in the game. :)

Lastly I printed the Swap Force logo and taped it to the outside of the jar- they love it and think the straws are pretty cool! 

The ones my little guys are most excited for: Rattle Shake, Stink Bomb, Zoo Lou, Magna Charge, Fryno... and that might change tomorrow! How about you- what ones are your kids looking forward to?!

Here's a fun newer video the boys have been enjoying on YouTube just for the fun of it too:

Good Luck surviving until October 13 on your end too! :)



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