Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wood Creations of Idaho Falls 'BOO' and Giveaway!

I received a wood kit from Wood Creations of Idaho Falls in exchange for this post.
All opinions are 100% mine (and I LOVE this store!)

So, there you have it... I love Wood Creations! They opened an Idaho Falls store this past summer just off the corner of Lincoln and Hitt Road, not far from Majestic Auto Body. And every time I drove by, I wanted to stop in. It wasn't until the last couple of months that I finally got in and I was smitten immediately! What an awesome place! I love all the amazing creativity inside Wood Creations and am so excited such a fun store is now right here in Idaho Falls! I'm so excited to get to work with them to bring good deals and giveaways to YOU! No matter what your style of decor, Wood Creations has something that you will love in your home! I could wander around the cute store and just gawk- just look at a few of their fun Halloween kits:

I loved these awesome shoes and the cute saying that goes with them...

And this isn't even the half of it! So, so many amazing pieces- just waiting for you to make them your own! I want to show you how simple the Wood Creations kits are to create (and then offer a little giveaway too!) I had a hard time deciding, but chose this adorable 'BOO' sign to share in a tutorial:

So cute, eh?! I love the jaggedness of the two letters. I referred to the store demo above to create my own version from the Wood Creations kit:

All their kits come sealed up just about like this- the pieces you need are right in the wrapping, no headache finding each detail at all. The signs at the store also tell you just what paints and embellishments were used to create the store demo, in case you want to buy what you need to re-create exactly what you see. Their examples are amazing- I have a set of fall letters that I want to mimic for sure!

If you feel like you just aren't crafty or couldn't put your own together at home, Wood Creations offers weekly craft nights where all the tools and embellishments you need are available right at their store for just $15- truly anyone can create from their kits and help.

So, when you open the package, you'll sand your edges a bit (I used both fine sandpaper like above and my small electric sander). Then wipe away the sawdust with a paper towel- I actually dampened mine just a bit.

Oh my goodness, I love the awesome paper selection Wood Creations of Idaho Falls has to chose from! It's easy to find the very same papers they use in their store examples, and also lots of coordinates too. I loved these fun little skulls! If you follow me on Instagram, you've heard me gush about them already! :)

First thing you'll do in creating your kit is trace your wood onto the paper, like above. Then paint the pieces as desired. I didn't paint the face that I knew I'd be applying paper to, just the sides and back...

While your paint is drying, cut the letters you traced out of the papers with scissors. Make sure to cut just inside the lines you traced to make it fit with no overlap.

Next apply a coat of ModPodge to the face of your wood where the paper will go. Then attach the paper right on top of that coat.

Smooth the paper down well and let dry briefly. Here's where I got ahead of myself in these pics- oops! I needed  to distress my edges before continuing on and didn't! So, if you like, use chalk or ink to run along the edges of the paper you just adhered. This gives it a nice finished look... Then brush a coat of Mod Podge over the top of your paper when dry. 

I actually ran my black ink pad over my project after this layer of ModPodge had dried, but it would've been better to have done it first I think! It worked well enough nonetheless :)

Once your top coat of ModPodge is dry, you're ready to add fun ribbons to complete the project- can you believe it's already been so, so easy?!

I love the cool selection of ribbon at Wood Creations of Idaho Falls- just look at the fun ones I picked! Isn't that black stuff cool?! They really had about any color and option I could've wanted and then some. They are great at helping you know what will look good and helping you select them too.

I could gush over the ribbon additions this whole post- so, so cute! They really make the project :) Wrap your ribbons around your letters as you like. I tied loose sort of knots and trimmed in... And that's it! So, so cute!

I love how 'finished' this project looks and can't wait to complete my Halloween mantel with it at the focal point. I LOVE how this turned out! Wood Creations kits make it so easy to be so happy with doing something crafty. For real, even if you don't think you are crafty, they make it possible to create an amazing project yourself! Every detail is taken of care of to the degree you need through Wood Creations.

Wood Creations also has a great 15% your total purchase coupon that comes in your ValPack each month. And you can print it to take in to the store right here too!

Print the 15% entire purchase coupon by clicking HERE

And are you ready for the giveaway part?? Wood Creations of Idaho Falls is kindly giving away one of their adorable 'Fabulous Shoes' Halloween wood kits and will ship it anywhere you live! I thought this kit was perfect for Halloween- what a unique decoration! And, don't worry, as easy and fun and these are to create, you'll have plenty of time to add your new favorite decoration to you Halloween decor..

A few other Idaho Bloggers have also agreed to help me spread the word about this fun giveaway, but this one doesn't involved too many entries at all- woo hoo! Just use the rafflecopter below- only a few steps-easy easy. Good Luck!

I sure hope you enjoy the Wood Creations of Idaho Falls store as much as I do- I'm so happy with my 'BOO' letters that I can't wait to create more of their kits! They're always getting new things for new holidays and have lots of year-round options for any style in the store. Enjoy your visit and let them know you heard about it here! :)



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