Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Has Wings

How is it that this month, of all months, really does just seem to fly?! December forever goes so fast that I can't help but feel like I just kinda miss it to some extent. We have done some fun seasonal type things, though and I thought I'd share them before I post about Christmas Day itself :)
Sprinkle blizzard at the boys' graham houses :)

We went to Pocatello to see Keaton's choir concert- he really has an excellent voice! He's in the men's choir and they sang a few songs with the girls too.

This week  before Christmas we has four parties in four days- phew! Each was really was a great time though. We went out to Mom and Dad's for the day and the boys got to sled around with Grandpa- that was their favorite part!

Last year we started the tradition of having the kids do a little nativity and it is always so neat! They couldn't wait to do it again this year and even wanted to do that part before presents. We also got choked up during this- I love the nativity story! Baby Kamden wouldn't have it being Baby Jesus for very long- just this picture! They all make me smile :)

Conner and Jodie gave Stephen and I this cool jar of "fun money." They had folded each dollar bill into neat shapes! Love this fish one :) I had made a set of mason jar wine glasses for Josh and Lundyn.

Green duds for Christmas Sunday :) If they were girls, there would be ruffles and lace and pretty frills, but I do sure think my handsome boys are fun too!

Then that afternoon we traveled to Pocatello for the Buffat party- we did a sock gift exchange this year and the boys loved their socks! 

New jammies on Christmas Eve! Taron and Keaton are too cool for this picture these days ;)
What a fun, full month we've had!



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