Friday, December 13, 2013

Mason Jar Wine Glasses: Christmas Style

Earlier this year, I took a page from the Robertson family themselves and made my own mason jar wine glasses. I think they might just be one of my favorite things I've ever made! We've loved them, from using just because to adding a bit of flair to a meal or get together with friends. I wish I had about three times as many of them! What's stopping me... who knows! Just stuff, like always! :) 

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Anyhow, I saw them awhile back sitting on my counter together and had the thought that they could make a neat Christmas gift. So, I tried adding a little bit of holiday cheer to them and thought I'd share!

You can first find the full tutorial for how to make them HERE. A case of jars is about $8 and the candlesticks used for the base you can find at the dollar store. It takes 24 hours for the silicone that holds the two together to really set good, but surely within 8 or 12 you'd be able to work on getting your gift together is you were super low on time. These could make a really easy, inexpensive last minute DIY gift...

When I made homemade gingersnaps recently, I purposely rolled a bunch small sized to fit inside these jars. Boxed cookies would fit great too no doubt. I just like making gingersnaps during Christmas time for how good they make the house smell! I tied a simple ribbon around the base of the jar- so quick!

For gifting, it would look cute to put goodies inside just one glass and keep the others empty, putting them all in a gift bag with tissue paper or a box like I did in the tutorial post. I just have several filled with goodies here for the sake of sharing ideas with you :)

I used wrapped peppermint patties in one glass and wrapped Christmas washi tape around the rim of the jar. For another I bent a few packets of hot chocolate mix and stuck inside, then added a bit of baker's twine. I think my favorite might be the one with Crystal Light juice singles in it, jute and a tag wrapped around the center. I found these classy tags HERE

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I think these are just so fun! These are my favorite glasses and have held up awesome- will be a beloved  gift no doubt! Hope you enjoy if you choose to make some! Thanks for being here,


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