Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Own 'Christmas Shoes' Story

Oh, my, it is seriously past time for a family update around here! This little blog is keeping me busy lately and I LOVE it, but it also means that otherwise I just want spend time with my little band of men, instead of get behind the laptop again to blog about them, shaknow? :) I do have the most heart warming little Christmas story to share with you- I've been frothing at the bit to get this posted...

So Cooper has been really concerned with what he's giving to everyone this year- he loves giving gifts! Comes by it rightly ;) He's slowly been checking off family members, earning a dollar here and there, and wanting to spend his own money on the gifts he's giving.

He recently set up a little "Chrismis Popkorne" sale at our aquarium shop on Saturday afternoon while Stephen was open and busy. He loves stuff like this! (Ry's face in this pic makes me so sad! He was obviously tired. I sure love my trooper baby- he endures a lot in the name of everyone else.) Anyhow, at the end of the day Cooper just begged me to go to Michaels because he had earned $3 selling popcorn (surely from his Dad and older brothers) :) I knew we had time, so I did agree to swing to Michaels before home. He was over the moon!

Very first thing when we walk in, he tells me to go look around without him and heads straight to whatever it was he had in mind. He'd been saying he wanted to get my Christmas present. I let him do his thing and stayed in an area relatively close. I was browsing with Ry and several minute later, Coop peeks around the end of the aisle and so very proudly holds up the sack with his purchase. I wish I could describe that image better... my heart took a picture right then for sure. The most proud, joyful look was on his face! I got tears in my eyes then and do now again. That is my little guy! He felt the thrill of giving of himself for someone else, to me even. Motherhood can be pretty thankless at times. These are the moments that carry the mundane everyday.

I mirrored his thrill and let him tell me about his conquest. He said he asked the cashier if he had enough and she had let him pay $3 instead of four! He was so happy and hugged his little item close to him while we carried on.

As we were going to the front to pay for what I was buying, a woman that worked at Michaels touched my shoulder and asked if Cooper was my son. I said yes and she proceeded to just melt over him- she had been the cashier to help him earlier. She said he put his item on the counter, showed her all his money and said, "Do I have enough? This is for my Mom."

Guys, I am totally crying here! What a neat, simple thing! She said she got tears as she told him, "I'll make sure you have enough." It was clear to me that she had been really touched- her Christmas season was made a little brighter that night.

I told Cooper I was so proud of him for thinking of others and being excited about giving. Don't get me wrong, he's excited about receiving too- he's six! But I am so overcome that he has kindness and love for others in his heart at Christmastime too. I don't care one bit what is in that little package he bought himself (which, amazingly enough I have yet to know)... it's already given me the best part :)

In other Buffat family Christmastime news, it's true, Coop and Ry have pretty much the best older brothers ever. Hero worship right there :) We'll have them with us for their whole holiday break and I am so excited to do some fun, family things :)

We've seen the jolly guy himself already this year- the boys' requests are in! And yes, this is the REAL Santa. I'm absolutely convinced of it.

A family in our ward owns this awesome camel (his name is Ralphie) and does all sorts of events with him. Stephen found out that the camel from the Geico "Hump Day" commercial is actually him- cool! They had Santa ride in on the came land then the kids could pet him and what not :)

Blessedly Stephen was able to come with us between pages. That man runs around the clock it seems some days! Life is Good :)


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