Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013!

Just for the fun of it, I thought I'd share the most popular posts from this past year here in one quick spot on this last day of 2013! It's actually been really interesting to figure out just what brings people here the most... and realize that, indeed, the things we put the most effort into give us the most return, seemingly regardless of what they are specifically. This year I've been able to focus more on this blog than ever before, and it shows. Some ways good and surely some ways bad-ha! No matter what, thank you for being here and making this little space something that still brings me happiness, and especially allows me to share it :)

13 1/2) Wanted to include this one since it makes me so happy that on occasion even my family posts are a hit :) Boy Trapped (the Shark Egg at the end of this one surely has a lot to do with it's popularity!)

13) Simple FroYo Card Teacher Gift and Printable Tag

12) Super Fast and Easy Puffy Pumpkins

11) Redfish Lake Never Disappoints 

10) Easy Pool Noodle Nunchucks

9) Easy Diaper and Wipes Carrier

8) The Secret Ingredient for Really Awesome Fry Sauce

7) Mason Jar Wine Glasses (Redneck Stemware!)

6) Easy Braided Chevron Friendship Bracelets 

5) Random Acts of Kindness Treasure Hunt Kit

4) Graduation Mason Jar Money Gift and Printable Tag

3) Cutesy Curly Paper Wreath

2) Adorable Taffy Kabob Party Favors

and the number one post of 2013.... The Perfect Potluck Pasta Salad

Some of these I really hoped would reach more people and others I'm really shocked they took off at all- but glad that they were helpful or fun no matter what! Thanks again for being here- wishing you a VERY Happy New Year!



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