Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday Card Gift Box with Hallmark Value Cards

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I wish I could give a gift everyday.

I love that good feeling inside from creating something for someone else
and especially from actually giving it to them.

Maybe what I really wish is that I had the energy and free time to create something to give everyday- ha! 

When I had the chance to go to Walmart and look for the new Hallmark Value Cards to stock up for birthdays and share with you, I was in! I had the thought that the cards themselves could even be their own gift. This whole post has been right up my alley- these cards are only 47 or 97 cents each and there are a lot of really attractive choices! I got sucked in in a hurry...

Those little circle tags letting you know the price made them easy to find- there was even a special Valentines endcap of them! It's no fun to spend as much on a fancy card as you would on a more substantial gift itself, so these cards are awesome! All the sudden I could add more cards than I even expected to my card selection gift I was wanting to create.

I really thought the selection of Value Cards was pretty amazing- made me think of how long it's been since I paid less than 50 cents for a card.... a pretty long time I daresay! Anyhow, isn't that robot one cute, cute?! Ryder picked it out and played with it like a toy while I gathered some more :) And I love that the Hallmark symbol is on these envelopes too...

Hallmark has actually turned the idea of giving cards into something you can earn a gift for yourself with too. The Hallmark Card Rewards Program allows you to scan the bar code of each card from your phone (or you can enter it on-line). For every five cards you buy, you can earn rewards- promo codes or $5 gift cards! No matter where you buy your Hallmark cards, you can scan or input them- it's all the same.

Remember how I kinda like scanning stuff from my phone? Seems like my own mini magic show or something? Ya, this is that magic at work again ;) . You can sign up for the program super easy HERE. :)

When all was said and done I had picked ten or twelve birthday cards, and even some for a few other occasions. I knew I wanted to put them all together to give as a gift to my Grandma. I know that she really does enjoy acknowledging her grandchildrens birthdays, graduations, just all the different goings on of our lives. But, in all honesty, she  does struggle to keep up with it all and most often just tosses her hands when it comes to getting a card out for everyone.

I knew I could actually help fill a need by passing on this stock of cute cards to her as a gift in themselves. Maybe you have a grandparent or relative just like this in your own life; or maybe a new mother that just had a baby and will want to thank those that brought gifts or meals. Maybe someone who is recovering from a long term illness or accident would be in the same boat- surely we could all think of someone who could truly use the gift of greeting cards :)

I love upcycling, so I started with this cracker box and just chopped the top off a third of the way up or so...

And simple as simple, I just wrapped it in kraft shipping paper, tied a colorful ribbon around and stacked the cards inside...

Doesn't this make you just smile?! It does me :)

To take it up a notch, I'd like to add a post it note with a name and birth date on it the envelopes, then put them in chronological order for her- that would make it so she could just grab the card, fill it out and label, then send off without even having to reach for any other thing. I'm not so on the ball to have my most of my cousins addresses, I sadly have to admit, so this is it for now. A sheet of stamps would be an awesome addition too! Even if I don't get to the rest, I do really like it as is!

Don't you just love getting those colorful envelopes in the mail?! Or leaving them for someone else!
Me too :)

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  1. Sky! I LOVE this idea! I think I found the perfect gift for my friend who has everything already...everybody needs cards to give!

    1. Hadn't even thought about that "has everything" type of person- this WOULD be great for them! Thanks Amy!

  2. What a lovely box! Great idea for storing cards.

  3. Wow, what a simple yet PERFECT idea're amazing, Sky!

    1. Aw... what a kind comment! Thanks, Marilyn!

  4. what a cute idea!! I even have brown paper in my gift closet!! My cards are always getting scattered!

  5. I needed this post right before Christmas because I gave my sister some cards but didn't have any idea what to put them in. This is so cute!! You always have the best ideas.

  6. FABULOUS idea!! I'm always looking for new gift ideas, and this one is so fun :)

  7. I have a whole stash of the value cards - you can actually AFFORD to have them on-hand for birthdays and special events! I hate when the ONLY thing I have to run out for is a card. And your storage is great - simple and cute!!

  8. What a great idea! This is such a thoughtful gift!!

  9. This is such a thoughtful gift! Mailing cards is such a lost art! Thanks for sharing at " Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party!" I hope to see you again tonight!

  10. This is such a great idea! I love the selection of Hallmark Value Birthday cards at Walmart as well. Thanks so much for sharing. #client

  11. This is such a great gift idea, Sky! Pinning it!


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