Friday, January 17, 2014

'Might as Well be Nerds Together' Valentines

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I might be surrounded by boys around here, but somehow Valentines is still a favorite holiday. Cooper absolutely loves this time of year... before Christmas, he actually asked me how much longer there was until Valentines- silly boy :)

At night, when I lay with the boys to get them to sleep, he and I brainstormed ideas for what he could give out to his class. Last year we came up with his fun Valentines Snakes. In the process of coming up with an idea this year, he mentioned that he loves "those little tiny candies in the mini boxes." He meant Nerds- one of my favorites too!

In the process of designing a card to go with them for him, I remembered this cute saying from Dr. Suess:

Isn't it the truth?! Love could be otherwise known as mutual weirdness! It always does seem like the same kinds of people just find each other... amazing really. :)

And I know, first grader Valentines aren't really about at all... but I thought I'd kinda run with it :)

He was pretty stoked about how these turned out and they were super easy- just used a couple of glue dots to hold the box of Nerds to the cardstock. Plain clear tape rounded back would be fine too :) Given that there's still a month left until Valentines, it's highly possible he'll come up with some other thing, but for now, these are it and I thought I'd share :)

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I have more fun Valentines things I'm hoping to share in the next few weeks too!
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  1. These are adorable... I think they would be a hit with my friends at work. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  2. I just loved your nerds valentines!! So much so, that I shared them on a Printable Valentines roundup today! Great job, they are super cute!! - Dee @ From Wine to Whine

  3. What a fun Valentine guys are total nerds and would so enjoy this!

  4. My nine year-old son also loves Valentines day (partly because of the candy, partly because he loves puns and Valentine cards are full of them). This would be a cute idea for his gifted program class---they are definitely nerds together! :-)

  5. When I try to print these it's just a grey sheet. My son loves these!! Can you help?
    I'm using an iPhone or iPad to try to print from. Thanks!!

    1. Oh no! If you'll send me an email letting me know you need the file directly, I'll email it back to you! So glad he likes them!

  6. I love these because 1) I'm a nerd and 2) Nerds are the best candy ever!! Can I have these printed from a photo site or is your download for print at home only?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. All three of my boys LOVE these! Thanks for making them available for us!


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