Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simple Boredom Buster for Kids & Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club $100 Giveaway

This post has been sponsored by Dollar Tree. All opinions will always be 100% mine.

You already know that we love Dollar Tree! It’s literally the boys’ favorite place to go in town and works awesome as a reward for them.  The most productive cleaning days around here seem to have that Dollar Tree light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Ok, ok, it’s true… it’s a reward for me too. Dollar Tree gets my creative wheels turning somehow. The Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club can help with that… each month they send an email with a whole bunch of ideas using items from Dollar Tree.

All of the sudden, when we walk into the store, I no longer see candy, glow sticks, tape and glassware. No, no, no- instead I’m seeing DIY home d├ęcor, tips and tricks that turn me into SuperMom, and boredom busters galore. For a moment at least, I feel a little cooler than I really am!

Even if I don’t actually all the sudden have a cape on whenever we walk in the door of Dollar Tree, we all love a resource that makes us think in new ways, or gives us ideas we can make our own, right?

The DollarTree Value Seekers Club is free to join, offers new ideas that each have their own project sheet and instructions each month, and also includes contests, insider information and more- sweet! The sheets can even be saved or printed to use as a shopping list.

This simple ‘Pin the Football in the Uprights’ game is one of this month’s Value Seeker ideas and I knew it was perfect for my little guys! I’m all about boredom busters (kinda have to be surrounded by these energetic boys!) and love it when they can take the wheel after a bit of instruction- this game was perfect for that. You can find more complete instructions and supplies needed HERE.

To make it our own, because, you already know, we aren’t necessarily big sports buffs around here, I taped these simple tree and wave designs to our wall instead, then cut out lizard, bird and fish shapes.

The boys had to get the fish in the water and the birds and lizards on the tree branches. Once they got ten in a row in the right places (within a few inches), they got the cute prize jars below. Mom trickery for lengthening the game as much as possible?  Yes, yes indeed. ;)

Several little sparkly Dollar Tree goodies inside a basic pint jar make for some pretty snazzy prizes, eh? The boys were happy as happy at the novelty of the whole shebang! They kept playing even without the incentive of a prize actually! I love snagging little toys and such when the boys aren’t looking while we’re at Dollar Tree- gives me the ability to pull together a treasure hunt or some other incentive on the fly later.

And today I get to make it so you might even be able to stock up for your own  treasure hunts and wall games… with a $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway! Just enter in the Rafflecopter below by signing up for the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and letting me know the email address you used- it’s kinda like a prize within a prize, I’d say. :)

After entering, make sure to check out how some awesome fellow bloggers made DollarTree Value Seekers Club projects their own too with the links below

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