Friday, February 7, 2014

Aaargh! Simple Pirate's Booty Valentines

With Cooper's Valentines in the bag (twice over even!), Ryder and I have been working on his lately. This is my baby, my little guy that goes just about everywhere with me. He and I conquer the world (or, the errands at least) while Cooper rocks the first grade :)

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So recently he was bashing through Target with me and got excited over this crunchy bag of smaller bags of Pirate's Booty. Don't get me wrong, this white cheddar popcorn (it's kinda like part rice cake, part popcorn, honestly)... is super yummy and healthy at that. But really the best part is the name- what kid won't go for a snack called "Pirate's Booty"?!

He grabbed the bag and hugged it like a stuffed animal. His Valentines were born right there in the store aisle :) Also at Target, I saw a little mesh bag of Valentines pirate stickers and thought there was surely a way we could put them together.

I ended up creating a printable that could wrap around the whole bag and then tucked the sticker sheets behind it. What we used:

You can print the sheet you see above that will create three wraps HERE :)

Then just cut them all the way across horizontally and wrap around the little bags of Pirate's Booty, securing at the back with tape. I can see I'll need to tape the stickers on the front too in order for him to pack these to and from preschool without causing them to fall apart too.

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These were designed specifically to leave room to the side for a little personalization. For these hearts above, Ryder dipped his thumb on my red ink pad and then pressed onto the paper to create a sorta kinda heart :) I traced it with a Sharpie pen to make it more obvious, then added the pirate patch. He loved how they turned out and that his thumbs created a pirate!

Hope you enjoy too- these make a super simple, super fast, and even healthy last minute Valentines exchange idea- Happy weekend all! Thanks for being here,


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