Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boy Mama Moments Lately

Every now and then the boys grace me with a selfie like this. Ya know, one of those that you just melt over even though it's grainy and no one's hair was combed :) The one that reminds you they actually do think you're pretty ok.

Ah, I love these moments- when Ry first wakes up and Cooper is already off to school. His cheeks are so soft and warm... just begging to be kissed. And he just snuggles before he decides there is anything more fun to do...

Meanwhile Cooper is off getting smarter. By 100 days now to be exact. Cutest thing ever to see him bouncing toward us in the car wearing this crown and cereal necklace :) I love picking him up from school. If I can help it, he'll never have to ride the bus in his school career- saves so much time and unhappiness just going to get him! Stephen usually drops him off in the mornings on the way to work.

Sometime you just have to celebrate Friday when you can... like on Wednesdays.

We've learned to keep Wednesday nights free for family time, since Stephen works practically 24 hours a day Monday and Tuesday, if not on Sunday too. Sound like an exaggeration? No, really, he can walk in the door at 9:00 after the boys are already in bed, only to hear his work phone chime, which means turning back around for another delivery to the hospital. Blessedly, it's Friday on Wednesday and he is awesome at making sure those nights are focused on the boys...

So we went to The Lego Movie on a Wednesday recently and totally loved it! The boys actually hadn't ever owned or built their own small Legos before- crazy, I know! Here we are a house of boys, with nothing but big blocks around. So we picked up a few sets and they love them! They are all over the place... and the finished pieces are less toys than they'd like... and oh my my, Lego is stinkin' expensive! But, still, the under tones of the movie make me willing to support them and I know the older Coop and Ry get the more they'll enjoy them :)

We've also got two cute, chubby puppies right now! Stephen could have sold lots, lots more, but is hoping things work out better with his next batch. They're just now getting big enough to play with and  the boys are anxious to enjoy them more while they can.

Indoor winter fun :) I love how thrilled they are with simple play like this magnetic fishing game. Once I got them rolling, they adapted it and played for a couple of hours on this one actually...

Aww, this picture just melts my heart! Cooper found this little camera that had been missing and it immediately became the coolest form of entertainment ever... for two or three days. Once of the first pictures he wanted to take was a selfie with Ryder- I was so pleased! Sometimes you just gotta take the little reminders that they really do care about each other beyond being wrestling partners, ya know?

And in parting, here's a little quip from each of  the boys recently- why I'm remember them over the other things they say that I should write down immediately, who knows :)

Cooper...on His Future Wife:

"I'm gonna marry someone who loves me. And is not mean. And is beautiful like you, cause you're a really good cook." (Good thing there are still qualifying years ahead, since as of now the standard is pitifully low) :P

Ryder...on Food

"Chocolate is my favorite dinner." (For what it's worth, no, we really have never eaten pure dessert for dinner!)

For Real :)



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