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Colorful, Random Gifts of Kindness with Starburst and Skittles

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I love secret, random gift giving.
(I love gift giving in general!)
I know... you already knew it ;)

I had the chance to use colorful Skittles and Starburst to create a gift for some very important people and my creative process went straight to random acts of kindness. So, today I'm sharing a free printable that can turn the Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam's Club into an actual memorable, heart warming activity for your family too.

This package is perfect for creating with because there are so many candies and a nice variety. I found it in a candy area of Sam's Club, bordering the bakery.

I gotta interject- oh my goodness, I love this picture of my little Ryder! Both of the boys were SO excited about this box of candy, and wanted me to open and dip into it well before I was ready. I really loved the actual gift delivering part of this project, but putting it together with my little guy is a very close second. Candy and color put together- perfect combo for happy kiddos :)

I had some tall, narrow, clear boxes that I'd gotten from Pick Your Plum, so we grabbed them to fill with candies to make the gifts even more bright and colorful. Ryder could pour the candies from the bag to the box on his own- he loves anything he can do himself! All four year olds do, right?

Here I guess I'll make a horrible Mom confession... I have a hard time not wanting to correct my boys' creativity sometimes. Like this box, I admit, I wanted to have each piece of Starburst turning and laying the same way. But he was just so thrilled adding them haphazardly himself! That happy feeling of joy erased any thought of correcting and doing it over myself. It also made the gifts more endearing for sure :) I can bottle my attention to detail for my own projects that they don't care to join me in. These kinds of things are more than perfect with  some happy childish-ness in the mix :)

He was enjoying it so much, he might have spread all the packages all over the table... he was just loving this whole thing! And in the end, we ended up with these...

To make some random gifts of kindness yourself, you'll print these simple tags I created to go with the Starburst and Skittles. They turn the treat into a compliment :) I love a rainbow of colors together, so these were fun to design :) You can grab a whole sheet of each like these above HERE. 

By all means, to make this activity even quicker, you can attach these to the packages of candy themselves- I thought it was super cute too...

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I had thought I'd use fun washi tape to add the tags, but in the end felt like they spoke for themselves better, so I just attached them to the tops or centers of the clear boxes with a round of plain tape instead.

Six of these boxes seemed like plenty for delivering at random around town. But, to be sure, I wish we'd have had more! Coop and Ry got really into this whole thing- they could've given away many more!

They put them on windshields of cars all on their own while I was having to help my husband, actually- I was so touched when Cooper came and told me he'd gone and gotten some of these treats and put them on windshields outside our shop! It brings tears my eyes even now, honestly. I love the thought that they love to give, that they think of others. When cute, colorful little options like this are just waiting, within their reach and ability to really use, they're enabled to give without prompting- LOVE, love, love that whole concept :)

Just after, while they still had that thrill of giving inside, we traveled through town, with the intention of going to the hospital to deliver the rest. We stopped at an ATM on the way- I thought that might be a nice place to find a random treat and uplifting note :) At the hospital, I had intended to put these on windshields in the employee parking lot, but the weather just wasn't good enough, so we went inside with them instead. On the way, Cooper actually hand delivered one to a lady too- he could've handed them all out that way, instead of leaving them to be found.

I asked the boys, "think for a minute and tell me, which direction do you feel like we should go?" I wanted them to maybe get some sort of impression as to where these might be best left for the finding at the hospital :) They guided me through the halls for the most part. We left our colorful boxes on random, lone chairs in the hallway and on various pieces of equipment that were waiting to be used next.

And I was, again, reminded of why I love random gifts of kindness so much. Obviously this is a sponsored post, it's true. But, dear readers, I'm truly speaking from my heart here. I love the feeling of giving anonymously, and specifically of my boys doing the giving as I watch. Seeing them give these away without being prompted at all swelled my mama heart so much! Try it yourself- best Spring Break activity ever. Best anytime, anywhere activity actually. :)

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Happy colorful creating and giving- thanks for being here!

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